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Today was my deadline

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tesla posted 5/17/2013 11:32 AM

to ex-shat, to provide me with information that I requested.

Why can't this fucker play ball according to the new rules? Oh yeah, because *he* didn't get to make these rules! News flash my dear sweet ex-shat: you don't get to keep doing what you want. I know it seems like you can just keep ignoring me, just keep playing Disney dad for a few hours a month and somehow that puts an end to your obligations.

I know it seems like there are no consequences, but trust me you are about to look like a fool.

I am frustrated that consequences aren't being levied against you as fast as I would like. You are supposed to financially support your son. You are supposed to pay me half of your 2012 federal tax refund (if you didn't want to do that you shouldn't have signed the damn is a the fine fucking print, you fucking idiot). You are supposed to disclose where you are taking Teslet on vacation. These are non-negotiable. You don't get a choice in any of these.

I am frustrated that my lawyer wanted me to ask you for this information one more time. I just want something fucking done because I know that requesting these things of you are fruitless. But what-fucking-ever. I did it. Gave you till today to provide me with the info. And what a fucking surprise...nothing but crickets from you....uh, you get what a supreme douchebag you look by continuing to ignore this?

It's cool, I'm over my initial crazy ass righteously indignant anger at having to request this info from you. I can say for one last time that I tried to do this shit the grown up way. Now I can tell my L with a clear conscience that we are done with this route it's all through lawyers and the court system.


peridot posted 5/17/2013 12:09 PM


Make sure you ask the judge to make him pay your attorney fees. He's an idiot!

Williesmom posted 5/17/2013 12:10 PM

Go get him, tiger.

What a Jagoff.

dmari posted 5/17/2013 15:05 PM

Go get 'um girl!

jo2love posted 5/17/2013 16:31 PM


ruinedandbroken posted 5/17/2013 17:18 PM


Jayne Doe posted 5/17/2013 18:28 PM

Tesla - why isn't your attorney doing this for you?

Seems like he would have more pull in this sitch.

SBB posted 5/17/2013 19:15 PM

I would absolutely pursue costs.

((Tesla)) Its the only way he can exert control over you now hun. I hope he gets spanked.

tesla posted 5/17/2013 22:02 PM

Jayne-because she suggested the cost would be minimal if I could get him to provide certain info pertaining to the income withholding order. I didn't want to but I see the logic behind it. Anyway, yeah it is the only way he can stay in control...looks like we have to get this done the hard way.

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