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You suck! Not only as a person, but as a dad! Rant inside:)

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Strongmama posted 5/18/2013 15:30 PM

Omg I seriously have the biggest loser of an ex! He can't ever fulfill his full parenting time or get kids where they need to be without me there on my "break" taking one here or there.
My breaks are f'ing exhausting!
Then this morning I get a text from ds coach that he had a game, and was supposed to be there. i was getting ready to head there to watch. Are you f'ing kidding me! He has the kids and the schedule and the handwritten note w step by step f'ing directions on when and where all the kids need to be. Nothing. They finally get to the game; 45 mins late and thankfully they let my son play. My dd tells me they were even later bc they had to drop a dog off at his ho's house; she said gf, but come on! Lol oh and I'm glad I got to run and buy drinks for the team which he was supposed to do, and why I was at it bought breakfast for them. Seriously.
This is my help and my relaxing time.
Then on top of this I'm having to fight through the CM to take my kids on a family reunion vacation where he'll miss his weeknight visitation; you know the one he never keeps or brings them back hours early. Says he can't miss it! Lolololol.
Fuck that loser. He needs to go away bc he is a joke of a dad and a person.
PATHETIC! Selfish! Sleazy! Disgusting pig. Makes me want to puke on the lying cheating selfish cheating poor excuse of a man.
That's all. Oh and thank you sweet baby Jesus for setting me free of being married to this pos:)

newnormal posted 5/18/2013 15:51 PM

Will you let me know when I should make popcorn please? I wanna watch the show when the Karma bus runs him over.

Strongmama posted 5/18/2013 15:58 PM

I sure will! Lol. I'll have some popcorn too. This creep is telling so many lies and continues to lead a double life I'm just keeping my mouth shut and letting him work his "magic"
Although I'd love to out him to many special people I'll just continue on with my life and pity him. Wtf was I married to? It actually makes me sad for him, and that pisses me off!

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