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ring finger tat

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newnormal posted 5/18/2013 16:00 PM

I need some advice from experienced tat fans. I want to have my kids names tattooed on my ring finger. 4 letters for each kid and id like to run them in a circle. Im fine with smaller letters because my job has a no visible tat rule. But ive heard they fade and that you need to find a finger specialist. How do I go about finding someone? And what key words should I say? I don't know what fonts are available, I just want something plain but feminine. Advice please. Thanks

authenticnow posted 5/18/2013 16:21 PM

I don't know how to direct you but I want to say that I love finger tats!

A guy who did work on our house had his wife's name on his wedding band finger. Four letters, simple font. It was slightly faded but I'm not sure how long he's had it.

I was considering getting my H's name tattooed on mine but I can't see it working. 6 letters, small finger...maybe I'll do his initials one day.

Sorry I'm no help. I just want to say---Awesome idea!

TattoodChinaDoll posted 5/18/2013 17:20 PM

Finger tattoos do fade because you use your hand and your hand is always exposed to the sun. Unless you get them on the underside of your finger they will be visible (in regards to your work policy). But that will fade even quicker. Tattoos can't be that small and close together because they will bleed into each other. The only option in color you really have is black. That is why tattoos are outlined in black. It keeps the colors separate.

Want2help posted 5/18/2013 20:23 PM

The top of the hand will fade, and the underside will likely "push out" the ink, because that skin is tough and quick to replace the skin cells.

Also, you didn't mention how many kids, but I would think more than one 4 letter name would be impossible. Tattoos cannot be that small and have any detail whatsoever, and as mentioned above, they bleed.


Mama_of_3_Kids posted 5/18/2013 21:09 PM

I'm not sure of your profession, but I would be careful getting one that is visible. Personally, I can not have any visible tats or piercings (other than my ears), so I've never gotten one on a part that is visible. My friend (also an RN) has one on her forearm that she covers with Coban when she works (similar to a stretchy bandage/wrap). Just something to think about

lost_in_toronto posted 5/19/2013 09:21 AM

I come from a family of tattoo artists, and tattoed people. I would be really wary of any artist who advertised themselves as a finger specialist, or assured you that a finger tattoo wouldn't fade.

For all the reasons stated above, tats on fingers will fade really fast, as well as spread out and blur. The skin on your fingers is very thin, is used and exposed a lot, and regenerates quickly.

Also, any words need to be well placed and spaced so that you won't lose the lettering quickly over time. My father has had our names tattoed on his arms in a few places over the last forty years, and only we know where they are now. I love that he did it, more than once, but it didn't last very long on his sailor's weathered arms.


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