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Hello I am new to this forum

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notsosureanymore posted 5/18/2013 22:35 PM

My wife got involved in a cybor affair, I think a couple of weeks ago and now wants a divorce. It has been since Tuesday early morning when I confirmed it for myself and confronted her on that morning. She couldn't deny what I read on her text messages. She said she had been waiting to tell me that she has wanted to divorce for sometime. But any way today i accept it. The only problemis she is in the house still and we will have to be that way untill she can find a job and get her own place. I don't feel I should have to be the to leave. It still bothers me that she has her phone with her in the bathroom as I type this here, I dont know who he is or if he lives in town at att He has a NY aera code so I don't know. Any way wish me luck. I can use all the advice I can get. Thanks!

PurpleRose posted 5/19/2013 04:26 AM

So is this her second affair?

I'm so sorry. It looks like she's done this before. How did you handle things the last time? I'm not familiar with your story.

notsosureanymore posted 5/19/2013 08:48 AM

Yes she had a physical affair in march of 2006. We didn't get consoling because it was expensive we thought. The first year back together I was working long hours at a job, so that year flew by. Then I got fired for a safety violation and was angry and stayed on unemployment to long. At the time she had her first job since we met. She was driving a city bus but left that on a workman's comp claim.I found a job making third of what I made. You see by the number of posts I only came here when things were really bad. I can relate to your profile page it is so similar to mine. I need to redo mine. I just get so busy. your opening paragraph I can totally relate to. I see you post at 426 in the morning I have been keeping the same hours this week to... I am so tired. But of course my wife has plenty of time to sleep with no job, but me I clean up yards something that I started doing these last 7 yrs of R. I have a handful of old ladies that I work for to make ends meet. That is what I have to go do today. I must make my wife lonely when I have to work all evening long leaving her home alone with the kids till way past bedtime. yYour story is inspiring... it sure seems like that is way it will go for me too. You must be very strong and i believe you when you say you are exhausted after all that anyone should be. I don't know if my wife will go or come around or force me out right very soon. I think I should change jobs so I can work from 7-3 so I can be here with the kids so she can't use that excuse to why she should be here any longer.

stilltrying2025 posted 5/19/2013 09:13 AM

Big hugs notsosureanymore! I too am new to this forum; moved out this week. My WH had an EA but won't admit it. This is one of the best sites I have found and there is so much advice and support it's unbelievable! Stay strong and find your support group. 180 is the way to do it, but I'm no expert at it! Take care and continue to post when you can....we are all here for you!

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