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notsosureanymore posted 5/21/2013 16:42 PM

Today my wife called the police on me. I was downstairs talking with her as she was loading her clothes in the washer when I tried to give her a hug she ripped my hands off her. as she was going up the stairs I smacked her on the butt and said you don't have to scratch me. She got mad and said she would was calling the cops. She said from here on out we were going to document everything. It was a light pat on the ass more play full then anything. But she went down to the police station and had a picture taken I'm sure. Which now that I think about it is pretty funny. I explained the past week to the cop and how it went down finding the text MSG and all and yeah I left my computer window open yesterday when I called her phone and took off with it down the block in my truck. she wrote truths in but i had to take em out. I used to try to get her to read some of the replies there but she only want to defend herself. I couldn't read any thing from her phone, she now has a pass code to open it, so she called me repeatedly until i brought it back. I forgot to tell the cop about yesterday. When I put the phone in her hand she threw the home phone at the wall I should have reported that when I had the chance. the police lady recommended to seek free concealing at any local church because yeah I did start to cry Little as I explained our situation. Anyhow I told her yester day If she wanted to use my account and tell her side of the story do it I told her my password, she never wanted to look into SI she hated that I got on here at all. If I ever Begin to speak in terms BS or FWW and such she would not want me to explain the abbreviation at all and shut me up she never felt the need i had to always accept what she give. And last night I got fired from my dockworker job. I hated it anyway and I think If I was here instead of there every night till 2+ in the morning I might had been able to be closer with my wife and this would not have happened. Or maybe it would have, but I would not have let it get this far so soon. What should I do now. I don't know if I should go over to the courthouse and file for temp custody for the my boys. We were talking about her going to stay with a friend alone until she finds work and get a place. But then today she tries to tell me that she thinks i should leave. I think she realized how hard it will be to find a job. and get a place just because she was outed by me and her current behaviour.

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devistatedmom posted 5/21/2013 20:25 PM

I think you need to go talk to a lawyer to protect yourself and your kids.

First things first...since she's already called the police once on a bogus call, NO MORE talking to her without a VAR. She's going to get you sent to jail the way she is going.

notsosureanymore posted 5/21/2013 23:56 PM

Yes now I will tonight she is not here and probably at her mothers. The cop said if I didn't have a scratch I would have been going to jail. the var is a good idea She said she is coming back tomorrow to pick up more stuff. She is in her own world now, she can call people she has never met in person and flirt all she wants to, that is what broke us up but it is what she wants. It is hard to think of it I miss her, my boys were missing her I texted her and said call the house and say goodnight to them. I told them not to worry if she gets an apartment It will be close bye like the blue ones down there, other ones over there they will be close by and you all have a key, your going to have a key to her place and a key to mine whenever you want to, it is your choice to hop on your bike and roll on over. Yeah I can't trust her any more I had to test that today. It would be easyer to displace me. But she could not afford this place with the utilities alone. I will be happy for her and in a way proud if she can get and keep her own place. She said I never thought she could I guess she is out to prove me wrong. thing is I don't know if I said that but it is something she must have felt.

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