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old frauds

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newnormal posted 5/21/2013 18:17 PM

No 2x4s needed. I wont be D until July and I have no interest in dating for awhile but I just had to look and see whats out there. So I went to one of the free sites, put in parameters like near my age, income and religion. What pops up is a friends ex boyfriend. Her broke, unemployed, much older dude who practices a religion far different than my mine. How many old profiles are that fake???

Sheessh! Ill go back to crocheting now.

jo2love posted 5/22/2013 11:51 AM


2 of my friends both found their husbands via OLD. It took them a while to weed through doofbunnies, but both of them are very happy now.

Exit Wounds posted 5/22/2013 11:55 AM

I think the paid sites have a few less creeps in them. The free ones seem to attracked a lot of people looking for "free, cheap and easy"
Just my observation...

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