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Crickets ??

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scotslass posted 5/22/2013 23:28 PM

When reading posts, I keep seeing Crickets mentioned.

Can someone please tell me what this means?


ButterflyGirl posted 5/22/2013 23:29 PM

It's the silent treatment. Like when you're camping and it's all quiet and the only thing you can hear is the crickets chirping..

That's what I think of when I use the phrase..

h0peless posted 5/22/2013 23:31 PM

It means that you don't respond to what they say. Just give them silence. All they can hear is the crickets.

scotslass posted 5/22/2013 23:46 PM

Love it!

PurpleRose posted 5/22/2013 23:50 PM

It is my ringtone for the Dooosh.

wannabenormal posted 5/22/2013 23:50 PM

Crickets is fine.

You don't want to be the 'scratch across the vinyl girl'. That's when you've been out of line. Hee hee! Think of the sound, "rerrrertt"

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