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My new neighbour

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FaithFool posted 5/23/2013 23:24 PM

Been in the new rental apt nearly two months now (!) and spent half of that time out of it due to being sick/ recovering from surgery.

There are only two suites on my floor of the mansion. Lady across the hall is a divorced doctor exactly my age.

She made me dinner tonite. Sweet!

She doesn't have TV and is a huge dance fan. Dropped huge hints about wanting to see So You Think You Can Dance... Well FF is a total addict, so when I get my furniture in we will be having some fun evenings.

Feels weird to be social after life in the high rise.

But GOOD...

wildbananas posted 5/23/2013 23:33 PM

That's awesome, FF!

thebighurt posted 5/23/2013 23:54 PM

Hope this is the beginning of a great friendship.

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