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Fun, random happy encounters

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phmh posted 5/24/2013 20:02 PM

I have had so many of these lately, I thought I would start a thread where others could add to it. Also, right after D-Day, I had lost all hope/trust in humans since the person I loved most in the world had betrayed me so. Having so many light, fun encounters with others has reinforced that I was unlucky to have picked a sociopath, but that there are plenty of great people who populate the world!

As background, my XWH is one of the unhappiest people I have ever met. He is truly a dark cloud of doom and gloom. During my marriage, I learned to shut down so that strangers wouldn't approach us, but now that I'm happy, I'm having so many wonderful random encounters!

1. Every morning, as I ride my bike to work, the crossing guard waves and shouts "good morning!" If I'm running late, he makes a joke about me having to pedal more quickly!

2. If it's raining, icy, or I have to drive somewhere immediately after work, I'll take my car instead. The guy who mans the parking lot always tells me how he misses me, loans me an umbrella if I've forgotten mine, and just jokes around with me. (I did find out he only loans umbrellas to the ladies, but I'm not complaining!)

3. Tonight, I'm biking home. I had sped up in hopes of beating a red light, but realized I was too far away, so I stopped at the light. A lady and her friend pulled up in their SUV along side me, rolled down the window, and they complimented me on how fast I was, how they wished they were in shape enough to ride, how much fun it looked like I was having, and we had a nice little chat about how beautiful the weather was until the light turned green.

4. My friend got me a free concert ticket to see one of my favorite acts last Monday (she works at the venue.) We met for a drink before, and the bartender didn't charge us -- he said he had so much fun talking with us that he couldn't make us pay.

What fun, random stranger encounters have you had lately?

Sad in AZ posted 5/24/2013 20:07 PM

I would have to talk to someone first...

Sad in AZ posted 5/24/2013 20:10 PM

I just went back to check your personality type--you're an extrovert I'm so deeply introverted, I'm almost inside out.

I did talk to the security guard outside my office bldg about the hawks that hang out on the parking garage. That was fun

tesla posted 5/24/2013 20:19 PM

Well, it's sort of an encounter...I guess. Actually happening right now! Decided to get a book and find a coffee shop to read. Turns out there is an amateur night here...everyone has been pretty good! And this coffee house serves beer!! and there are some good looking guys that I'm enjoying looking at.
Maybe I'll work up to talking to someone...just being in this atmosphere is reminding me of a person I used to be and lost over the years of my marriage.

Here's to doing new epic shit!

phmh posted 5/24/2013 20:21 PM

Sad, I can't wait to come down and go birding with you someday :)

Which reminds me of another encounter.

Last month, mergansers were migrating through. I was walking by the lagoon with a friend, pointed out the mergansers, and she was enthralled ("I would have just walked by and thought they were normal ducks!") She was so interested in the "mohawk ducks" and we had a fantastic time.

The next week, her ex caught up to me on his bike while I was biking to work (we work in the same building), right by the lagoon. I pointed out the mergansers, thinking about how much his ex (with whom he really wants to reconcile) loved them. He responded something like, "Eh. Who cares about birds?" I said, "But they are diving ducks! They have mohawks! They're only here for a limited time! Look how cool they are!"

It really impacted my opinion of him. Who wouldn't get excited about mergansers?

tesla -- talk to someone and report back! Even if it's just another lady. Yay you -- what a great night of fun and new single adventures! (Edited again -- not to say anything bad about ladies; just that it doesn't have to be a romantic encounter! My posts might be a little disorganized since I am drinking beer for the first time in two weeks since I can run again!)

[This message edited by phmh at 8:24 PM, May 24th (Friday)]

Pass posted 5/24/2013 21:44 PM

Tesla, I regularly sing and play at open stages like that. Here's what you can do: Go up to the shyest performer you saw and tell him/her how much you enjoyed his/her set.

You will make that person's day, and you will have spoken to someone.

About four days after my DDay, someone did that to me. It was the only thing that made me smile that whole week.

bbee posted 5/25/2013 14:26 PM

The other day I was walking downtown and some random homeless guy said that my necklace looked really good on me. And no subsequent panhandling.

phmh posted 5/25/2013 16:33 PM

Just had another one! I was grocery shopping, and the cashier asked what I was doing this weekend.

I mentioned that I was going to my parents' house and we were having an Arrested Development marathon to watch the new season that is being released on Netflix. He got so excited and started talking about how he loves that show, etc. We discussed some of our favorite scenes. Always fun to find another AD fan!

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