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Is this still EA or is it PA ?

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AmberDust posted 5/26/2013 09:34 AM

Daily phone calls for six months: EA
Telling OW you love her: EA
Two meet-ups for a walk in a parc: EA or PA ?
(I'm assuming there hasn't been any sex :-S

confused615 posted 5/26/2013 09:37 AM

If they met,then I would assume they had sex,or at least some form of intimate contact.

They're adults who fancied themselves "in love." When adults feel love,they usually express it physically,unless distance is a factor.

Why do you assume there was no sex?

twodoves posted 5/26/2013 09:37 AM

Are you just assuming there wasn't any sex, or are you sure?

I'm guessing there was at least some kissing going if he was telling her that he loves her.

Has he given you any trickle truth?

NoraLee posted 5/26/2013 10:12 AM

My H's EA -for 5 months they met up daily to walk her dogs and sat around her house at night after work - H told her he was in love with her. She just wanted to be friends. She gave him enough hope to keep him coming around - she loved the attention and the drugs but I know she had feelings - the way she fought for him after NC text was sent - how she denigrated me to him during the A - she convinced him to move out - didn't last long but he look for a place and initiated moving out!

I know it was not PA as 1) she was giving other waitresses permission to pursue him since they weren't together like that and 2) my H bawled like a baby in my arms lamenting why she didn't love him back - how she didnt want him...that was hard on him you know, with them being soul-mates and all...

It's quite possible that your finding out about the EA stopped it from becoming a PA. After the NC text was sent - she insisted he come tell her in person. I know down to my core, she would have given him what he wanted to keep him - I even told him as much. But he refused to see her.

So it's possible it was just an EA - doesn't mean it wasn't heading to a PA though...

AmberDust posted 5/26/2013 10:41 AM

Are you just assuming there wasn't any sex, or are you sure?

Iím not SURE sure since I wasnít there. I do know for a fact that FWH was beaten down by my constant nagging and arguing for 1.5 yrs after DD1. He didnít want to be in the same room with me anymore because I had a bad case of tunnelvision and depression. All I did for these 1.5 yrs was ask questions, blame and shout. I didnít even care if one of the kids needed attention. He said he wouldíve paid money to be able to have a normal relationship with me again and talk about daily stuff, but I didnít want any of that.
OW, however, did, and gladly took my place.

FWH said he always told her he didnít want to leave me. She did ask about it and indicated sheíd leave her M the second he asked.

FWH told me he wanted to end the affair but didnít have the backbone at the time.
He and I didnít have sex at the time. He was always tired and, in retrospect, sick of himself and the whole situation and certainly not in the mood to have sex with me or anyone. Weíd have sex, and soon after Iíd get outraged again, that was the cycle we had before that. Apparently the whole nature of this second affair was different, more of an emotional outlet for him, and there was no mention of them having sex.

He did tell OW the affair made him uncomfortable and he didnít like the lies.
At their last walk she asked him if he even wanted to be there, with her, and he said no and left her standing there.
He was relieved when I found out and he made the NC-call, telling her he regretted the day he met her and any day he spent time with her, in my presence.
He has been std tested and nothing was found. He is still in NC. There has been some TT but he soon found out it was only hurting his case.

BeyondBreaking posted 5/26/2013 10:59 AM

It sounds like it was only an EA- although even if they didn't have sex on their walks, they could very easily have kissed, held hands, groped, etc....

There is honestly not really a way to know for sure, but from your second post, it sounds like he didn't even mean it when he told her he loved her, and she was basically an outlet for him. Still hurtful though, and still completely unacceptable.

In some ways, I almost think that the EA part is more hurtful then the PA part. I'm able to rationalize in my head: I had a lot of meaningless sex when I was single. She was just a glory hold with a body attached. I've certainly had the reverse- and think nothing of those people now. The EA part though, those people are the ones I worry WH thinks about instead of me.

In your h case, it sounds like this woman was nothing more than an emotional cum dumpster for him, however, and I would take comfort in knowing that it doesn't sound like he was all that attached to HER and more attached to the idea of having someone female to talk to.

HardenMyHeart posted 5/26/2013 11:19 AM

I would consider a PA to be any bodily contact with the intent to cause sexual arousal.

For example, I would not consider it a PA if they were just holding hands or hugged while greeting. However, if they met at the park to make-out, than that would definitely be a PA.

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AmberDust posted 5/26/2013 11:58 AM

::double post::

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Dark Inertia posted 5/26/2013 13:05 PM

A walk in the park usually means blowjob in the car. If there was any time spent alone I would definitely not omit something physical happening.

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