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Generational Sin

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thrivingnow posted 5/26/2013 23:21 PM

My daughter just got caught. Did she not see the pain I went through? The complete devastation of our family and dreams? The financial ruin? The sadness? And now she want's to come back home. I said yes, but what do I say to her when she gets here? Do I tell her she looks just like her daddy?

nolight posted 5/27/2013 02:21 AM

No I think the tough thing about being her mum is that you are probably the one person who needs to support her no matter what. That does not need to mean that you support her EMR or enable her but I think that the "hits" such as comparing her to her father need to come from somewhere else, and they will. You don't want to risk alienating her.

Be honest with her though, if it triggers you then tell her, talk gently but honestly about your experience as you are in a strong position to let her really understand what her BS is going through to guide her on handling it in an upfront and respectful manner.

Stillkicking posted 5/27/2013 04:47 AM

I agree that you need to be there her, I have witnessed first hand the damage that can result in you not being there for her.
My mil and my wife have hardly spoken since the middle of December, and I get see and hear how much she needed her mom to be a mom for her an the pain that causes. That is not to say blindly support her, but you do need to be a mom for her, give her guidance and help her find the right path, and hopefully help her help herself. She more than likely needs you more than anything right now.

Skan posted 5/27/2013 11:36 AM

You can certainly be there for her to talk to and to be Mom. You can also be honest about what it means to you, what it does for you, and the impact by letting her know your feelings. I wouldn't hide that. She's not a child she needs to face the impact of the decision she made and not be able to hide with you, but IMO you do need to be able to offer her motherly support. (((hugs))) I can only imagine how you are feeling right now. Perhaps guiding her and her BH to this site might be an idea?

letting_go posted 5/28/2013 06:25 AM

She is a child of a WS spouse, I.e. collateral damage. Therefore, she is damaged and will need counseling and your guidance to get through the mess that she has perpetuated. She needs to know why, after living through this with you and her father, would she engage in such reckless behavior. IMO, she didn't heal from the demons that she was handed.

Generational sins can become generational blessings. Help her navigate this muddy water. She has no clue.

ninebark posted 5/28/2013 06:32 AM

When I became a mother it was unconditional. Be her mom, love her, support her and guide her.

I agree with the others, be there for her, be honest with her and help her and her family through this as best you can.

traicionada posted 5/28/2013 15:58 PM

As generational collateral damage, my grandfather walk out on his family and my father was a serial cheater, that there's awareness of generational sins without anyone pointing it out Personally, I told myself for years I would never grow up to be like them but most important I also told myself I would never be my mom or grandma so I am the first person to get divorced in my family in at least 5 generations

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