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Jealous much?

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OptimisticWife posted 5/27/2013 09:08 AM

Our teenage daughter informed me that when H was picking them up from school, a woman approached him and asked him for the time.
Our daughter made jokes about how the woman went back to her car but was constantly looking in H's direction. She thought it was pretty funny (our children don't know about H's A).
My H was getting upset. I could see it in his face. I asked what he was upset about. He said he hadn't noticed the woman looking at him. He said he didn't really even turn to look at her when answering her question.
He said he didn't want me to feel bad because of our daughter's teasing and that he didn't give it a second thought until our daughter decided to make jokes about it.
I was ok about it and laughed it off at first.
About an hour or so later I started getting mad. I told H that I wanted to do school pick up on my day off and if that woman is there I will make it known that he is mine! I was so mad that I wished she was in front of me so I could knock her out.
After a little more time, I realised how jealous and insecure I was. Yuck! I don't like feeling that way.
I asked H to let me know if the woman approaches him again. The time? Really? She doesn't have a clock in her car or on her phone? She was at school pick up and didn't have any sense of the time?? Really?
I feel silly and as though I'm over reacting but I can't help but feel jealous and protective of what is mine.
Is this a normal and healthy response after what we have been through?
I don't believe H did anything wrong. He said he was just busy trying to call all our 4 children to the car.
He said I have nothing to worry about and he will tell me if she ever approaches him again. I believe him
I hate thinking the worst about the woman's intentions. I miss when an incident like this wouldn't even be worth a second thought.

somanyyears posted 5/27/2013 09:52 AM

..please don't second-guess your instincts and gut feelings.. you said, she had to have known the approximate time.. kids get out of school.

..she could have asked a student or another woman.. or car clock..

..'where there's smoke, there's fire' and it doesn't hurt to investigate a potential problem.'re right..H can be totally innocent here, but you have no way to be sure this woman wasn't 'flicking her Bic' for your H, just to get a 'possible' response.

..i always remember that standard joke..

"Have you got the time??"
..Yes,...if you've got the place!!

or if a man asks a woman..

Have you got the time??
Yes... if you've got the money honey!!, it never hurts to be vigilant in these cases.

..and a little jealousy can be a good thing!


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