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Unagie posted 5/28/2013 22:18 PM

Why does my city not have one!?!? WHY!?!?! All I want is a blended coke float with a cheeseburger and some tater tots. Is that too much to ask!?!? Anytime I go visit my parents I go to Sonic at least 3 times. I know its not everyone's fav burger place but I love it. They make such perfect blended coke floats, all other places look at me like I'm nuts when I ask them to blend it and they always put too much ice cream in....darn it now I want it even more.

Kajem posted 5/28/2013 22:21 PM

Steak n shake is a close second here. Just saying..

MovingUpward posted 5/28/2013 22:37 PM

Come and visit. There are five out here (and a steak n shake)

KBeguile posted 5/28/2013 23:22 PM

Unagie -

Heart and I used to live in Oklahoma City, Sonic Corporate HQ. There were literally Sonics 1 mile from our house or less in EVERY DIRECTION. Now, we live in a suburb of St. Louis and there's only one within 10 miles of us, so I feel some of your pain.

Additionally, they've released a whole smear of new milkshakes for the summer, and their cheesecake blend tastes like the cheesecake my late aunt used to make, so now I'm pining for more of it.

TattoodChinaDoll posted 5/28/2013 23:29 PM

Well, if you come to the Jersey g2g, there are a few here!

Unagie posted 5/29/2013 00:51 AM

TCD I was already coming but now you've sold me even more. SONIC AND SI FOLKS HERE I COME!!! I'm much more mature then my yelling shows I promise lol. Well sometimes

itainteasy posted 5/29/2013 11:10 AM

No Sonic here either. Also, no White Castle, No Krystal, No Whataburger, No Hardees/Carl's Jr.

I live in a desolate land.

jrc1963 posted 5/29/2013 14:35 PM

Sonic =

looking forward posted 5/29/2013 16:40 PM

I had to chuckle.....I thought you were talking about my car!
4 weeks old today!

BTW....we don't have Sonic restaurants here in Ontario, but we do have GM dealerships....

[This message edited by looking forward at 4:45 PM, May 29th (Wednesday)]

MissesJai posted 5/29/2013 16:47 PM

Meh on Sonic. Sorry Unagie. I prefer Steak & Shake or In & Out. Of course, the go to out here is In & Out. Animal style, PLEASE!!!

authenticnow posted 5/29/2013 17:01 PM

Cute car! And a 3 car garage!!! Totally jealous.

I have never had Sonic but I'd love to try it. What about 5 Guys Burgers? I haven't had it but I heard it's awesome and there is one in our old neighborhood about 45 mins from here.

Clarrissa posted 5/29/2013 17:54 PM

We have Sonics here too. Me and H stopped at one just the other day. Not bad at all. I looked over their shakes and saw one that sounded intriguing but don't think I'd go there - peanut butter and bacon.

Unagie posted 5/29/2013 20:30 PM

Never had in and out although I hear they are great. Five Guys makes a good burger but Shake Shack is better. Double cheeseburger with cheese fries and an arnold palmer. Their cheese sauce on their fries is amazing....I want shake shack now too. Oh their milkshakes are pretty good too lol.

JRC I know some people dislike Sonic but I'm obsessed.

itainteasy posted 5/30/2013 07:50 AM

I LOVE 5 Guys! If you're not a linebacker--order a "little" burger. Otherwise ALL of the burgers are doubles, and they're big.

A "little" is a single patty burger.

luv_lost posted 5/30/2013 09:28 AM

not a Sonic fan, not a 5 Guys fan (!!! I know!!), wasn't impressed with In and Out burger when I was in Cali....and I was pregnant when I was there!

Now, the places I do like...when I lived in FL (ugh..and this is the ONLY good thing about when I lived there) was Steak and Shake - best fast food milkshakes IMHO. Jake's Wayback Burgers is AWESOME....never get it to go. You'll have a greasy mess by the time you get home. Just order it and eat it there, it's so bad for you but oh so good.

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