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Residential treatment tomorrow - needing support

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nowiknow23 posted 5/30/2013 06:35 AM

I have posted before about my DD14 and her struggles, and about the residential treatment program that accepted her. The time has finally come - she will be admitted tomorrow morning.

Although I am awash in conflicting emotions, in my heart I know this is what she needs. And what DS and I need, too. We need help and support to get DD the treatment, skills, and strategies to make her day-to-day life manageable, and for us to learn to support her.

DD is scared, anxious, a little excited, and more than a little angry. She's a hot mess, to be completely honest, and I don't blame her. This is a big terrifying leap away from her safe zone and into the unknown. And it's all out of her control. She will be living at the treatment center for as long as it takes to get her on track. It could be for the summer, it could be for a year. There's no way to know right now. Uncertainty is DD's kryptonite. This girl thrives on the concrete, the plan, the schedule - the known. In some ways, I feel like I'm pushing her off a cliff. A necessary cliff, but still.

If you are so inclined, please shine some SI comfort on DD. And if you have some to spare, DS and I could use a little as well.

phmh posted 5/30/2013 06:38 AM

(((NIK & DD & DS)))

You've been such a supportive rock for so many of us here, that I hope you can receive the same support back from us. We're all here and rooting for you. I'm sure it will be tough, but, as you said, necessary. I know it will go well! But tons of love and hugs, anyway!

MovingUpward posted 5/30/2013 06:41 AM

Sending mojo and prayers.

Sad in AZ posted 5/30/2013 06:57 AM

You know you're doing the right thing for all concerned. Be the mama bird and give that gentle but firm push.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 5/30/2013 07:08 AM

The right things are not necessarily the easy things to do. Wishing you all peace through this time of transition.


Deeply Scared posted 5/30/2013 07:34 AM

(((NIK & DD))) Sending loving and healing thoughts to you...stay strong.

abbycadabby posted 5/30/2013 08:06 AM

Hugs to you all. I hope that she settles into a routine there and finds a new normal where she can thrive, and that she learns what she needs for when she eventually leaves the program.

Amazonia posted 5/30/2013 08:07 AM



I remember a few months ago you had a list of 4 or 5 things that needed to happen; this was a big one on that list. I'm glad things are moving forward, even if it's tough.

jo2love posted 5/30/2013 08:34 AM

(((Nik, DD, DS)))

Sending mojo, prayers, and positive thoughts.

TattoodChinaDoll posted 5/30/2013 08:37 AM

((((NIK and family))))

The best thing isn't always the easiest. But you're a wonderful mom and person. Keep focused on the end results.

simplydevastated posted 5/30/2013 08:43 AM

(((HUGS))) to you and your family NIK. I can only imagine how difficult this will be for her and you, but as you said this is something she needs and will benefit from greatly.

You know we're all here for you and ready to listen and give you plenty of (((HUGS))) when you need them

gonnabe2016 posted 5/30/2013 08:46 AM

You are doing your *mom* job, which is not always easy.

My hope is that all 3 of you come through this experience much stronger people.

{{{NIK and family}}}

jrc1963 posted 5/30/2013 08:50 AM

Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have.

You have all my support, admiration and love... You're doing the right thing for HER and for your family.

Keep that in mind...

(((NIK, DD and DS)))

FaithFool posted 5/30/2013 08:54 AM

Sending both of you lots of courage and strength.


ajsmom posted 5/30/2013 08:58 AM

Sending it all your way.


veritas posted 5/30/2013 09:09 AM

(((nik))) hugs and mojo

metamorphisis posted 5/30/2013 09:14 AM

Sending all of you hugs and mojo. Tomorrow is a scary day for you all but hopefully things are only getting better from here on out

KeepCalm_CarryOn posted 5/30/2013 09:24 AM

((((NIK and family))))

TrulyReconciled posted 5/30/2013 10:27 AM


solus sto posted 5/30/2013 11:02 AM

MILLIONS of hugs to you.

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