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tip: recording official record

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hathnofury posted 5/30/2013 10:39 AM

Today I signed a Post Nup agreement with my husband, as they are legal in my state. One of the suggestions my L had was to have the signing ceremony officially recorded, and I did opt to do that. It occurred to me this might be a good thing for anyone to do when signing a legal agreement. Just yesterday a friend of mine had her XH try to claim he signed their final custody agreement under duress, appealed and asked for a new judge and while it will likely be shot down, a recording such as this would have expedited it I think.

It involved having a third party court-reporting company come to tape, a person who had authority to swear us under oath, and my L reading a variety of questions verifying that each of us was familiar with the agreement, had both been active in editing it and updating it, had every opportunity to provide input and changes, we agreed on the final content, that we were in our right mind/not coerced/not under the influence, and the usual questions for my H who chose to represent himself so he could not use that against me later.

What was also important was that he has now testified under oath (and it is on the recording) that he has disclosed all financial info. I know this would be helpful to many others since I have read many posts about spouses that did NOT disclose everything for an agreement or ruling was made.

I hope this helps others. Every little bit helps.

numbandnauseous posted 5/30/2013 23:59 PM

Thanks, hath - really good info!

ETA: Congrats on signing your post nup!

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