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living in hell no way out

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ETOWN posted 5/30/2013 15:50 PM

hey everyone.. So I am new here, I am 30 years old and have bin in a relation ship with my wife for over 5 years but less then 6. We have had a lot of trouble threw out the years things from money, work, housing, and privacy. But now I got a new thing to add, she has cheated on me or is cheating not sure the hole story yet. but all I do know is that I want to fix it and she wants it fixed but I cant stop thining she still has romantic feeling for the OG. anyway me and my 3 year old son are the ones getting forgotten about andleft to wounder were she is and when she be home I cant take much more of it

Titanium posted 5/30/2013 17:06 PM

Hi Etown. So sorry to see u here but you will get so much support and great advise from everyone here. It has been helping me tremedously.

First of all is your WW A over? If so she needs to come clean with you with all the details. No TT hopefully. This is cruel and excruciating.

If she is genuine that it is over and she wants to repair your M then she has to be transparent with her phone, emails, her whereabouts. Telling you where she is going, what time she will be home and happy for you to call her while she is out.

If she has nothing to hide now she should have no problem with this. It is up to you how much info about the affair you need to hear and perhaps not all at once.

I needed to know just about everything except the sexual part and my questions to my WH came in dribs and drabs. Only when i was ready for some answers to things did i ask. He was not happy about this although it is getting easier now that he is onboard here and out of the A fog. At least i hope.

Always trust your gut. It wont fail you. If your WW is not prepared to answer then something is still not right.

It is incredibly difficult i know and i feel your pain but always remember that this is all HER doing not yours. Regardless of the state your M was or is in she had better choices to make other than lies, deceit and betrayal. Make sure you stand up for yourself and the two of you need to go into MC straight away.

Keep us posted and make sure yoy take care of YOU. Eat well and exercise.


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