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I hate her name!

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allfalldown posted 5/30/2013 21:33 PM

I absolutely fucking hate the name of the OW. I hear it everywhere...movies, tv shows, signs, etc. I want to do a roll call of OW names...but it is just a name and shared by thousands of other women. Will this hate go away?

roughroadahead posted 5/30/2013 21:41 PM

I hate the OW's name too. And it really was everywhere last year. Not only is it a name common in her generation, it is also an adjective. It was the name of a huge hurricane last year. Some may even say it was a superstorm. There was a terrible tragedy at an elementary school on the eastern side of the country, again with her name in it. I literally could not get away from it.

A year later, has it gone away? Some, but not really. It doesn't make me as angry as it used to, but i have a hard time using the word. I am working on detaching, and as that happens, that stupid whore's name stops mattering so much. She really is nothing.

SAR681 posted 5/30/2013 21:45 PM

I physically tense up when I hear her name. Her name is not allowed in my house. She's known as either "Psycho" or "The Whore" depending on whether the person that I am talking to is in the know or not.

Offhispedestal posted 5/30/2013 21:47 PM

The hate does calm down quite a bit.
But you will ALWAYS flinch just a bit when you hear it. I'm sure you feel like its everywhere. I feel the same way too. It seems every time I watch any episode of a crime series like Special Vitims Unit, 48 hrs etc....
At some point I hear " they were murdered April 12, 2000. Or we watch the Vampire Diaries and one of the Characters name is April.. I have to see it and hear for one entire month. I have to see it on the cover of my iPhone ...yes it sucks

LifeIsBroken posted 5/30/2013 21:48 PM

I never refer to 'her' by her name; I have too many friends by that same name and I do not NOT! want to associate 'her' with them.... so I'm happy to just refer to her as the bimbo although she's hardly attractive - or, maybe she is if you like a female with man hands & man feet and a horse face.

stilltrying2025 posted 5/30/2013 21:49 PM

Ha....mine is Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Fucking Brady Bunch! I hear it all the time and I literally get sick to my stomach. I used to play a Brady Bunch slot game on Facebook but I won't any more because I would show clips of "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"! Couldn't handle it. HUGE trigger for me. You are not alone by any means

Jrazz posted 5/30/2013 21:54 PM

I think my hate for the OW's name tapered pretty quickly because so many other people in my life who I care about have the same name.

FWH and I still have to go into explain mode if we refer to one of our same-name friends, but the bad feelings towards the name have definitely diminished.

BW2639 posted 5/30/2013 22:18 PM

I won't refer to him with his name; I usually just refer to him as " Rat Bastard"

JustForgave posted 5/30/2013 22:29 PM

I just call them c and m, because they aren't important enough to capitalize their names.

Linus1968 posted 5/30/2013 22:34 PM

I got lucky. Honest to God, the OM has the same first name as the man in those Direct Auto Insurance commercials. You know: Mr. Hightail (I will omit the first name to protect the OM's idenity). I see those commercial and laugh to myself...
Heck, who am I kidding. I tell everyone that is the name of my WW's BF.

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ok4now posted 5/30/2013 22:52 PM

Mine shares the same name as my BFF.

h0peless posted 5/30/2013 23:21 PM

My ex's New Dad shares a last name with a major street in my city. I kin of had to get over the revulsion or I wouldn't have been able to go anywhere.

brokensunflower posted 5/30/2013 23:31 PM

yeah I hate the OW name too .. I just refer to her as homewrecking whore .. because that's just what she is ...

NoraLee posted 5/30/2013 23:32 PM

Her name used to be a trigger - very common name...

At our first MC session, mc asked, "what will we call the affair partner?"
"Whore" was just about to leave my lips when H just blurted out her name. I made a face and rolled my eyes, but didn't make a big deal out of we had to use her name every week for awhile... And it doesn't bother me anymore. I'm glad I did - I work in a school with 2 lovely ladies with the same name.

knolls posted 5/30/2013 23:41 PM

Me too!!!

She shares a name with a cheese. And the other day I was quiche and added said cheese, made me want to barf.

I hate condoms too. I was at a store tonight and there they were taunting me right in my face

wontdefineme posted 5/30/2013 23:55 PM

I did too, but I used it to his face so she was the person in the room with us not just some hateful word. It will hurt for a while, but it helped me, especially when I told everyone who she was.

mysticmoons posted 5/31/2013 00:07 AM

Her name has never been used in our conversations, its always been Whore. Lucky for me I dont know anyone else by that name, it is my good friends dogs name though. So now when I go to my friends house and see the dog I just leave out the "Y" at the end of the helps

Markay81 posted 5/31/2013 03:17 AM

For me its bar whore or gutter slut. My husband is many many names and at this moment none of them are nice.

Betrayed67 posted 5/31/2013 04:31 AM

I hate the woman's name with a passion. When WH and I talk about the A, I refer to her as the SLUT and FILTHY WHORE. He always look down and embarrassed when that whore's name comes up.

absolut posted 5/31/2013 04:36 AM

In my case her name is doubly annoying to me in that it's basically misspelled. You know how it's somewhat trendy now to give your kid a common name but spell it differently?
For example, Emilie instead of Emily or Jessyca instead of Jessica. Or Ashlee or something like that. So now I always give people with these sorts of names the side-eye.

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