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Cousin died

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fallingquickly posted 6/1/2013 02:46 AM

I'm not sure where to post this so I figured Off Topic was best.

My cousin found out her husband was cheating on her at about the same time I did. We have been supporting each other. Talking occasionally. She lives in another state. We are the same age and grew up together.

I found out today that her WH came home from the store and found her dead. Her daughter says there are some missing medications. The anniversary of her DD was coming up. I hope it's natural causes but I have my doubts. My heart is breaking for her and her daughter.

This is so sudden and incomprehensible.

woundedby2 posted 6/1/2013 03:02 AM


I'm so sorry. Saying a prayer for you and your cousin's family.

TrustNoOne posted 6/1/2013 03:08 AM


I'm so sorry for your loss.

It's only natural that you might draw parallels between you two. Know that while the pain you shared may be similar - if the missing medications lead to a tragic conclusion, that isn't YOUR outcome. OK?

My heart hurts for you.

fallingquickly posted 6/1/2013 04:11 AM

Don't worry, TrustNoOne. I have no desire to die at all. I have very much to live for.

It breaks my heart that she might not have felt that way, too. She was a lovely, fun, in your face kind of girl. She was my sister's best friend. She has two children and parents she loved with all her heart and who loved her in return. I know she was devastated by her husband's actions but I didn't expect this. I hope it turns out to be natural causes, especially for those she left behind.

simplydevastated posted 6/1/2013 05:44 AM


I'm so sorry to hear this. My heart is breaking for you and your family.

Sad in AZ posted 6/1/2013 07:39 AM

Does everyone know about the infidelity in her life? Was she is a real R situation with her WH?

I'm sorry if this is painful, but this sounds like the beginning of a True Crime show to me. If it had been a secret, you might think about anonymously tipping off the police in her area.

gonnabe2016 posted 6/1/2013 10:22 AM

I'm so sorry.

nowiknow23 posted 6/1/2013 11:09 AM

I'm so very sorry, falling. Keeping you and your cousin's family in my thoughts. (((((hugs)))))

jo2love posted 6/1/2013 12:52 PM


cass posted 6/1/2013 13:58 PM


That's awful. Sudden death is doubly difficult because shock and grief together makes it so much harder.

Holding you and her family in my thoughts.

fallingquickly posted 6/1/2013 14:16 PM

Thank you for your hugs. This is so hard to understand. She's so young.

Sad in AZ,
Yes, everyone knows about WH. He was very remorseful as far as anyone knows. She did not forgive him or even care about him much anymore. She was staying with him because she had worked too hard all her life for the life they had. My mother and I both think there might be something more to her death, but have no foundation for that.

The year mark was very hard for me. It's when I began to think there had to be more based on my WH's behaviors. A few months later I found out there was a lot more. I spoke to my cousin last week. She was really sad as was I. I'm sure they will do an autopsy to find cause of death.

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