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brkn_heartd posted 6/1/2013 14:44 PM

My H affair was at during 26 year of marriage. Tonight, we are going out and celebrating our 30th year anniversary ( a couple of days early). It has been a hard 4 years, there is no denying that. However, I am glad that we have been able to work towards reconciliation. My heart and soul is relaxing, I do not feel like I am constantly on vigil. He has worked very hard to help me heal and help me to feel comfortable. I still have my days, but they are fewer and fewer. I don't think of the A every day anymore.

Tonight, we are dressing up, and having a quiet nice dinner to mark our 30 years. It has been 30 years of love, pain, fear and hope. I am glad that we have continued to work on our marriage.

For those starting through the path of reconciliation, it is not easy, and both have to be vested into the success of your marriage. However, the pain does ease and life does start to return back to normal. I am not totally healed today, but I am so much more healed than I was even last year. Just know, there is hope.

authenticnow posted 6/1/2013 15:17 PM

What a beautiful post!

Wishing you a happy anniversary .

fallingquickly posted 6/1/2013 15:19 PM

Happy anniversary. I am very happy for you.

Shattered-Heart posted 6/1/2013 16:06 PM

That's lovely.
I'm glad it's working out well for you guys. I'd give my eye teeth to not think of it every day anymore...

AFrayedKnot posted 6/1/2013 17:01 PM

HardenMyHeart posted 6/2/2013 02:33 AM

Great post and Happy Anniversary.

Undone1 posted 6/2/2013 11:38 AM

You give me hope!

brkn_heartd posted 6/2/2013 14:41 PM

Thank you everyone. We had a very nice evening last night.

Shattered heart, it was actually about 2 months ago that I noticed a day had passed that I had not thought of it. Now, I may have 2-3. I never thought I would get through a day without thinking about it either.

Undone-there is hope, time heals so much (as well as a lot of hard work! )

Shattered-Heart posted 6/8/2013 11:32 AM

I hope to get there to where I don't have it intrude into my daily thoughts like you, really the sooner the better but I'm realistic and know it's not happening anytime soon. Still, gives me hope it might just happen eventually...
Glad you had a lovely anniversary, wonder what you guys did? I'm still at a loss for anniversary and bday stuff. Think I'll create a new thread about that actually.

SoVerySadNow posted 6/8/2013 11:58 AM

Happy Anniversary!

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