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do 1st grade kids backmouth teachers

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sullymeishadomi posted 6/2/2013 14:22 PM

Dd7 and I were doing her homework. Out of the blue she told me there were kids in ber class who taked back to her teacher. Is this now normal? Granted I was in 1st grade 34 yrs ago, but we never disrespected the teacher. We were too afraid to do so.

Please tell me this is just an isolated situation.

metamorphisis posted 6/2/2013 15:13 PM

Yes, some do. It's not the norm in my experience but my ds has some kids with very concerning behaviour in his grade and the teacher is overwhelmed. Our experience when Dh volunteered for Beavers (like Scouts here) were some who had no problem telling dh and the other leaders to go "F' themselves .
Incidentally some of these same boys are in his class and it's been an interesting year I'll tell you.

Now these are pretty extreme cases. They just all happen to be in my sons grade so it's following us year to year and getting worse. In a nutshell I will say no, it isn't normal. I do daycare and while some kids may argue back if you tell them something "I don't wannna clean up now!!" or "We already had this for snack this week!" it's really minor, normal kid stuff. It's corrected easily and they are all decent kids.
When I relate to people some of the stuff that goes on in ds's class they look at me like I have two heads so I don't think it's the norm. For example the kid who brought a pot plant for 3rd grade "bring something from nature" day.

Sorry.. I got wordy. Generally I would say no, it's not typical, but you're going to have a few who aren't taught it's unacceptable to speak to adults rudely.

sullymeishadomi posted 6/2/2013 17:35 PM

Thanks, Meta.

I dont consider things you described at daycare talking back. To me its more like a whine.

Telling an adult to eff...totally unacceptable.

I saw some of the kids where we lived being disrepectful of adults (mainly Sunny and another boy who eventually moved out). I thought those two were the exceptions. Then to hear dd tell me some of her classmates talk back to the teacher, I was shocked.

A little t/j but kid related...I learned a new way of saying I dont want to go home: "Im not expected home for two hours". (kid was sent home bc my kids misbehaved and did something that could have caused the three of them harm). A good one, lol.

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