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Triggering bad

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Yakamishi posted 6/2/2013 19:21 PM

Grrrrrrr. Had fight with WW. She had spent a week at her sisters shortly after D Day. I felt that her sister wasn't being supportive of the marriage. Saying things like, " you need to do what makes you happy." Instead of saying things like "do what you must to save the marriage you fucked up."

At any rate, we got into it and she storms off. Just like every time else. She runs. Hence her affair when she ran to another man.

Now all my anger and resentment is full tilt. Can't get the images out of my head. Friggin sick of this emotional roller coaster. I was never like this before. I used to have a thick skin, now I'm Mr sensitive.

knight posted 6/2/2013 19:37 PM

I feel your pain.

Is your ww in IC? Doesn't seem like you will get anywhere if she continues to run every time there is conflict.

No wonder you are triggering. You probably can't feel safe with her running.

Sorry you're suffering.

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Jrazz posted 6/2/2013 23:36 PM

That's really rough. FWH's best friend was telling him the same thing DURING the affair. His bf waited until the night before HIS wedding to apologize to me. Super bad timing, but at least he was sorry.

Your WW needs to understand that people with that attitude are not friends of your marriage, or your healing. Family or no. If her sister isn't helping her uphold her morality, she's not doing her any favors as a person.

I'm sorry... for the images and the triggers and everything.


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