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Has he lied!! Could it be his baby??

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melamber posted 6/3/2013 05:52 AM

Not sure how much info to put for my back story,ill keep it as short as I can.
WS had EA with co-worker. He ended it after I made he choose on d-day, and his been remorseful and I cant fault his actions since.
This co-worker/OW was in a relationship at the time of the EA.
I found out through a friend of a friend ( funny enough didn't realise the info she was giving me)she was pregnant 3mths after d-day.
Of course I confronted WS who was adamant it was "only" an EA, apart from 2 kisses.
Feel I need to add here that OW since d-day has made no contact with either me or WH. I do know she announced her pregnancy, split with her fiancée before starting a new relation with another co-worker.
So I carried on but then certain things started to not add up.
I have no idea how far she gone OW is and the little info I get of this friend of a friend (to clear up she pregnant also and knows of her-to long to go into) makes me think it could be my WS baby.
My WH told me she fell pregnant after d-day but this friend of a friend makes comments that puts doubt in my mind.
An Example of this is....She was telling me about a lady she knows was making her a blue baby blanket and also making OW one,as they are both having boys.
Well I worked out OW was about, with what WS told me, 11weeks gone at the time so how would she know the gender of the baby? Is it possible?
I also worked out if she conceived around the time WS and her was "seeing one another" ( )then she would be around 20wks at he time I was told this.Oh and would know the gender of the baby.
I think I'm too far gone from d-day to confront her, and cant ask to many questions with this friend of a friend with out to much suspicion.
I made a choose to only tell 4 close friends and I want it to stay that way.
So I feel I'm left waiting to see when OW gives birth, which is frustrating and unbearable, before I can "do" anything
What to do??!! Just wait??!

CryingGreenEyes posted 6/3/2013 07:36 AM

As much as I hate to actually say it... they all lie. The lies start and they just stack up and with each lie they tell, it becomes easier to continue being deceptive. Unfortunately, you can't really do anything until the baby is born and then see what happens. I would strongly advise against confronting a pregnant woman with anything. As much as you need to know the truth here, cooler, more rational heads need to prevail. The other unfortunate aspect in this is that sadly, you are not entitled to any of the information about whether your husband is the father of the child. That's between the OW and your WH. You can pressure him to find out, but there is nothing you can do to force her to verify paternity, that would have to go through the court and he would have to be the one to pursue it. Right now, as hard as it is, just wait. Things have a way of unraveling and the truth will be told. Sorry you're dealing with this, it truly sucks!

I think I can posted 6/3/2013 14:21 PM

Well, you could have him do a lie detector test to see if they actually had sex.

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