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Bracing myself...finding out more

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MissD posted 6/5/2013 00:33 AM

It's been 2 weeks sense WS left the house again, after a brief 6 week run at making a go of this marriage. After another verbal smack down, and being told I was psycho I let him know to pack his bag and get gone. Told him I knew everything. The dumbass told one AP of his other AP's, and she was delusional enough to think if I knew of them all I would leave him, and he would marry her. It didn't work out as ow hoped and he never owned his shit, said he believed I was guessing about the A's but had no evidence. So as the door hit his ass I texted his secret email/dating profile user name. I called later and confirmed to him he had been an idiot in thinking he could cheat, and more of an idiot for thinking secrets could be kept without consequence.
Last week I asked for a time table. WS sent a text last night he would email the time table tonight. So tonight I'm bracing myself. Wondering will he or wont he send it, will he be truthful? More important I'm wondering will it make a difference for me? Will it be enough, too much, will I be pissed, defiant, numb, withdrawn, vengeful, nauseated,or all of the above? I've felt too many of these things over the course of our marriage I am beginning to wonder if I am ready for this. If I am ready I could easily be setting myself for major disappointment if he is not truthfully with full disclosure.

Blech, it's sickening.

momentintime posted 6/5/2013 01:27 AM

No matter what he provides or doesn't, you don't have to do anything right away. Take your time and digest any new info. Make your own time table. Give yourself room to breathe. Don't be pressured to process too quickly.

When the time is right you will know what is the next step for you.

tushnurse posted 6/5/2013 10:31 AM

Good for you MissD, finding your strength will help you to guard your heart.
Have you seen an attorney yet? Please do so if not.
Even if you really do try R. Knowing how things can play out will give you peace and understanding, and strength.

((((and strength))))

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