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First date; how to...

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Shockleader posted 6/5/2013 06:48 AM

Yesterday I saw a gal from high school at a restaurant I had not seen for over 25 years, and thought it might be nice to pursue a date. At first I kept looking over at her table she shared with a female friend, and kept thinking "boy she seems familiar", then I made the connection (I think). On her way out our eyes met for a few seconds, so perhaps she was thinking "I know this guy from somewhere too."

She will know who I am if I contact her, but not much else. We have never dated before, and about all we share was we were kinda neighbors that rode the same bus. How the heck do I go about this?

Gosh I can't believe I am asking for dating tips, but the fact is I need to.

Thanks friends.

better4me posted 6/5/2013 11:44 AM

If you do contact her, I'd do it not in a "asking out on a date" way but in a "how have you been" way. Like you would with anyone else you hadn't seen since high school. Start a conversation first, "Hey, when I saw you the other day, I realized you looked familiar but couldn't place you..Now I remember that we used to ride the bus together". Take some time to find out about her life, check to see if she's single etc. Are you contacting her through social media or by phone? If social media, I'd suggest having a conversation over several days before you ask her out for coffee or a drink. Have it be something casual and pressure free for a first meeting.

Don't rush it, it's been 25 years, it's okay for it to take a little more time.

wonderingbull posted 6/6/2013 13:14 PM

I'd try to contact her over facebook or something similar.... I'd say...

Hello there, I'm shockleader and I saw you at lunch the other day and recognized you but couldn't place you since it's been 20 some odd years ago in high school... I hope all is well with you and I apologize for not coming over and saying hello...

That opens the door for her to contact you back...


Shockleader posted 6/6/2013 16:48 PM

Thanks ladies, really appreciate the help and fantastic ideas. I am such a fish outa water.

Since yesterday, I did a little digging, and now have "people" working on my behalf. One of which when I said her name to my boss replied:

"Oh yeah, the cute redhead with the pretty blue eyes"... Yep, that be her , and the best part is she is extremely kind, and very, very nice. Again, thanks for taking time out to help me.

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