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Looking at dogs...who knows

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amitheow posted 6/7/2013 10:00 AM

Miniature Schnauzers!

marchmadness posted 6/7/2013 10:55 AM

I have 3 small breeds. My mini schnauzer does not shed but needs groomed. He does get a doggy odor if he needs groomed. My border terrier NEVER smells and I can groom her myself. She does not shed much. She has only had 3 baths in the five years I have had her. My papillion not only does not smell but actually smells good. He does shed but since he is only 8 pounds it is manageable.

deeplysad posted 6/7/2013 10:57 AM

I have Cairn Terriers and they do not shed and do not smell. You do have to properly maintain the coat, but we hardly ever bathe ours cause it strips out the natural oils that they need.

They are a big dog in a little body.

Afraid2LoveAgain posted 6/8/2013 09:58 AM

My Collie smells like sunshine. She is only bathed every 6 weeks but brushed every day. She is the most delightful creature on earth.

Williesmom posted 6/8/2013 11:09 AM

I'm partial to welsh corgis! They do shed, but don't smell, unless they've rolled in something.

They all have strong personalities, and pretty high energy levels.

I would encourage you to work with a rescue organization.

Any way you go, febreeze is your friend.

authenticnow posted 6/8/2013 13:22 PM

Adopt a retired racing greyhound!

We have two and they don't smell. Well, my male has terrible breath but the rest of him doesn't smell.

I love to inhale my female grey and tell her she smells dogalicious.

sadtoo posted 6/8/2013 13:35 PM

Mastiffs don't have a doggie smell... if you want a 200 lb lap dog

I second this. I have 3 English Mastiffs. I am your age and I too worry about their weight in old age.

These are the BEST DOGS EVER. They are kind, gentle, docile, non-stinky, great with kids. They don't jump, they are not hyper, they are obedient, they are protective without being vicious. They are a tad bid lazy (ok alot) They don't need groomed, they don't need to go for long walks, they are extremely loyal.

I have a 10yo female who we have had since a puppy. And we now have two pups who are 10 months old that I rescued from the humane society. They are amazing! I can't imagine life with any other breed.

[This message edited by sadtoo at 1:36 PM, June 8th (Saturday)]

Sad in AZ posted 6/8/2013 14:02 PM

So funny that two Sad's have mastiffs I miss my big girl so much. She was too old for me to bring her to TX when I moved. They are an amazing breed--they are so inactive that they don't need a lot of space, but you have to know your dog. My first one, Tiny, was very dainty. My second, Mona, is a moose (or a bull in a china shop). Her tail is lethal--nothing can stand if it's at her tail level.

I raised Tiny from a puppy; she was so lazy that I'd walk her about 1/2 mile, then I'd have to carry her home and she'd sleep all day! As an adult she was happy to go for walks. Oh, and she couldn't swim to save her life--sunk like a rock. Of course that didn't keep her out of the water. I had to go in with her and hold her like a child so she could splash around the pool.

And, yes, when she lost her leg strength it was awful. Luckily, the X was home and he carried her to the car and into the vet. I would not recommend ever letting a big dog get to that point.

sadtoo posted 6/8/2013 14:12 PM

That is the bad and the good about the big dog. When they can't get up, it's over.

I also raise horses, so my vet makes house calls. So, Luckily I don't have to load everyone up in my truck to go to the vet. They just get in line with the horses to get their shots.

They roll out the calf scale, get their weight, give them their shot and all is good.

When it's their time. It's done here at home. Which is also nice.

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