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Planning 20th Anniversary. Too soon?

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Yakamishi posted 6/5/2013 22:48 PM

Next January will be 20 years. Before D Day 9 months ago WW had hinted she wanted to go on a cruise. But with everything that has transpired....I'm not so sure.

Do I think we'll make it? Heck ya. There are bad days, but the good days outnumber them and are fantastic.

So...being only 9 months into R, should we be even thinking about going away for our 20th?

Dare2Trust posted 6/5/2013 23:02 PM

You just found your new MC yesterday, right?
Why don't you give the counseling awhile - and try not to worry about the future so much right now. Work on the present issues you're having with your WW and the marriage and see how things go.
Wishing you the very best - you both desever it!

5454real posted 6/5/2013 23:27 PM

IMO, too soon brother. You've been back together less than a month. Work on you for a while. Has she been showing true remorse yet? How long has she been sober?

On another issue, the kids probably need to see a stable home life for a while. Mom there consistently and showing them a truly loving side. How are they holding up?


Lucky2HaveMe posted 6/6/2013 06:40 AM

Everyone's journey is different. For me, this year was the first one that I felt like *celebrating* our anniversary - 7 years later!

4 years after was our 25th anniversary. H so wanted to go away to celebrate. It just wasn't in my heart. So what we did - and this is just semantics, but it allowed me to enjoy a great vkay in Antiguq - we went away but did not call it an anniversary trip. It was simply a vacation. Something we desperately needed.

I'm sure in his mind it was an anniversary trip still, but it helped me not to think of it as an anniversary celebration.

You have plenty of time to decide if you will be ready to celebrate... cruises aren't exactly selling out these days!

sisoon posted 6/6/2013 14:16 PM

Sorry, Yak, I think you need a 2 X 4: How do you get 9 months of R?

On 3/14 you posted that your W left and that she wasn't really doing what was needed to heal herself, much less to R. Apparently she came back, because on May 14, you posted that you were separating and she moved out again.

R is possible for you, but your W is the road block. You're already on board; her commitment is very, very much unproven. One day at a time now, and for months to come.

I understand you're excited to have her back with you, but you need to treat your relationship as extremely shaky for the foreseeable future - focus your energy on today alone.

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