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No bacon, I'm cured!

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windowsnotwalls posted 6/8/2013 11:52 AM

I get it you feel awesome because you are refraining from certain activities.....but what are you DOING?

So, a person with severe cardio issues is told by the doctor they MUST live a healthy lifestyle, and they report back 10mos later that they haven't eaten one piece of bacon in 10mos, so they're cured! Huh? No exercise? No walks? No eating healthy foods. Still eating other unhealthy foods. ....but hey, no bacon! Actually, this is just a ridiculous scenario because they wouldn't have made it 10mos. They'd have dropped dead by then. Put some work in, don't just tell me you haven't had sex with anyone else, and you've given me passwords, and whine that life isn't perfect!

He actually says the words "What I do do isn't enough for you, so I just don't know what to do anymore." Are you doing ANYTHING proactive???? ANYTHING AT ALL????? No, just lay on that damn couch depressed giving up on us, on life, doing nothing! That is working so f'n well!!!

Had a really bad day, already puked a different rant to him earlier. Not saying another word to him, but this is what I would've sent would it have been received by someone that can hear a damn thing I say. FRUSTRATED today!!!

Heavy Sigh posted 6/8/2013 12:11 PM

I see your point. But if he was always a sofa-sitting lump, he isn't likely to be able to greatly change who he is, beyond making some small changes.

Also, you are terribly young with many years of possible joy ahead of you, so why are you contorting and twisting your life into such a shape in order to accommodate a sex addict unlikely to change who hasn't exactly been doing anything to change except giving you passwords to the phone you know about and the email account you know about, and whining that you're a real meanie?

I think maybe you have some esteem issues if you think he's the best you can do in life? I have friends whose husbands adore them. Some of them are fat, some of them have faces like a hatchet, yet they're loved and adored. So whatever esteem issues you have that are making you settle for this.... aren't worth it.

Unless he's a multimillionaire and you want him only for the lifestyle and social prestige, then i don't see any other reason to stick around. You CAN fall out of love, you know, if you detach, and then one day will look at yourself and can't believe who you were when with him.

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