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Need anything taken to the dump?

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Douchebagfree posted 6/8/2013 18:37 PM

Douchebag was at the house today finally taking some of his shit away. I was out most of the afternoon having a good time with some friends.

He texts me by accident once saying "just unloading". I'm guessing the 22 year old pregnant Twinkie needed an update Then he texts me again and says "oops, sorry". I ignored the text and deleted it. He showed up again after I got home and when I went into the garage he asked very sweetly "do you need anything taken to the dump"?

What I wanted to say is " I can think of one thing you can take to the dump, your piece of shit self". Instead, I smiled and said "don't worry, I've got it handled".

I mean really, this fucking muppet cheats on me with a 22 year old from work, knocks her up a month later and then has the nerve to be all nice and sweet. WTF! I'd prefer if he just ignored me.

I've also decided that even though I am going to split the mortgage penalty with him, I'm not going to do it until he speeds up the divorce. We can be granted a quicker divorce if he agrees that it's because of infidelity, which he swears is not the case.
Whatever helps you sleep better at night.
That should speed things up since I know he's got no money and with a baby due in 2 months, he's going to want to get his hands on every last penny :)

devistatedmom posted 6/8/2013 20:16 PM

Sounds like you are detaching just fine. :)

You gotta do what you gotta do with the mortgage penalty.

clralb posted 6/8/2013 21:25 PM

Yeah, the years of us together can be taken to the fucking dump and burned, you self-absorbed, sexually inadequate asshole.

Sorry. Never mind me. Kinda in a pissy mood tonight.

Holly-Isis posted 6/8/2013 22:17 PM

Wait- the D isn't final yet he has a baby due in 2 months.

By my math, that's pretty much a textbook sign of cheating.

Douchebagfree posted 6/8/2013 23:38 PM

Your math and everyone else's. except his.

What hurts more than anything is that he seems to be so ok with everything that its almost scary. I'm really starting to wonder if he may be a sociopath. He has no remorse, has never apologized for anything and acts like there is nothing wrong with what he did. It literally makes my head spin and my heart ache.

SBB posted 6/9/2013 00:27 AM

I have another muppet to unload if he's offering.

I realised a few weeks ago that OWUmpteen at 24 is only a few years older than a child he almost had and quite a few years younger than a child he was a stepdad to. Yuck - what a sicko.

movingforward13 posted 6/9/2013 11:19 AM

*hugs* I am so proud of you. I can't wait unil you write how much he has been contacting you, regretting things. It won't last, I promise it won't last.

Dark Inertia posted 6/9/2013 11:38 AM

I agree with Movingforward. You have handled everything with so much I refuse to take your shit grace. That kind of resolve did not come to me until well after my divorce. Please keep your head high, you are doing amazing!

persevere posted 6/9/2013 12:05 PM

Definitely use the mortgage penalty to your advantage....

Douchebagfree posted 6/9/2013 21:36 PM

I will definitely use the payout to my advantage. I'm sick and tired of sitting quietly while he lies about our relationship, about me, about the split. I was even quiet when the 22 year old Twink called ME a Ho in a text message to him. That was the toughest. I almost got into my car, and wanted to drive to her parents house to burst her "night in shinning armour" bubble. But then I thought, nah. He is her punishment. He's already started that relationship with nothing but lies and it's just a matter of time before the mindfucking begins. If it hasn't already

Movingforward13: I don't think I'll be getting the "I'm sorry and I miss you texts". This man has never fought for anything in his life, including our relationship. Besides, he didn't do anything wrong

trebleclef posted 6/10/2013 04:31 AM

I personally hate it when STBX tries to "be Nice". He does it to look good. I just want to scream "STOP PRETENDING YOU CARE ABOUT ME!" If he cared, we wouldnt be here.

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