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EmotionalFool posted 6/9/2013 13:07 PM

I post mostly about my struggles/issues.. thought of sharing something sweet.

I don’t know if it should be posted in General but I like posting here.

I lost my phone few weeks back and we had been thinking about buying a new phone for me. I had a very basic model and I have never owned a smart phone.
The one I was contemplating buying was costly and I thought it would be better if I bought the older version of it .. so that it would be cheaper ..
CL asked me if I really needed a new phone (I am using an old used phone temporarily) .. I replied not really .. and the topic ended there..

On Friday he calls me at my office and asks me to meet him at his office in the evening. Just receiving this call made me so happy!!! CL avoids roaming around with me after Dday
So.. when I received this call I was so excited.. When I met him, I asked him if he wanted to shop.. he said no… I suggested if I should shop He said he wasn’t interested in shopping ..
So we started roaming around aimlessly .. that made me all the more excited as we always did this before.. roaming around aimlessly (I don’t really enjoy shopping)

AND.. He searches for a bench and hands me over the latest model of the smart phone.

I love you CL

Although after roaming around a bit more we came back to the topic of As. He go really angry/upset and we came home. Sigh.. When this happens I feel like all the sweet moments are outlined with my As.

So we come home.. calm down .. and sleep..
Yesterday I called my mom to tell her about the gift and she whispers to me.. “He has put in so much thought in this gift.. now its upto you to take utmost care of it” (I have a tendency of losing my mobiles) sigh… Eventhough she was talking about mobile I kept thinking about his heart ..

BaxtersBFF posted 6/9/2013 13:50 PM

That's very cool that he got that gift for you.

Hopefully those roaming times will become more frequent.

grains posted 6/9/2013 15:48 PM

That's wonderful. Baxters is right. Please spend more roaming time with your BS. I do that now with my BS. I always disliked shopping but now I enjoy it with my BS - the grocery, the framer's markets, the home improvement centers, the discount shops, bookstores. I think your BS has very deep and positive feelings for you which is why he gave you that new phone. You mom is right. This is his gesture of renewed trust in you - please take good care of it. You can physically misplace it but please do not misplace your boundaries. Congratulations. Good luck on your recovery and reconciliation.

badchoice posted 6/9/2013 20:43 PM

Awesome EF.

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