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Whalers11 posted 6/10/2013 10:10 AM

Been taking one "big" vacation a year since D-Day... a little bit of splurging on myself.

This year was Nashville for CMA Fest - biggest country music fest of the year. I'm wrapping up my week here - heading home tomorrow.

I LOVE THIS CITY. I want to move here. Maybe it's time for a real NB?

She11ybeanz posted 6/10/2013 10:12 AM

DO IT! And, I can live vicariously through you!

I ran my 1st marathon in Nashville on April 30th, 2011 (on what would have been my 6 year wedding anniversary after my divorce).. part of my NB! It was the Country Music Marathon!!! My favorite marathon by far!

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JessicaFL127 posted 6/10/2013 14:49 PM

Yes do it!

FaithFool posted 6/10/2013 14:50 PM

Thought you were going to talk about the series... I would move there just for the off chance of running into the hot mess known as Deacon.


They have deep fried mac and cheese. Just saying....

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welcome14 posted 6/10/2013 14:59 PM

Well, you'd be more than welcome to come on! I am only a short drive away, and as I am from Atlanta, it is nice to get to a city every once in a while, but it's even nicer cause it isn't as huge as Atlanta....

gma56 posted 6/10/2013 16:08 PM

DO IT! And, I can live vicariously through you
I'm with Shelly !

Can I come to visit ? Warning it might be a long visit.

MC_Jack posted 6/10/2013 16:10 PM

I love that place...

hexed posted 6/10/2013 20:05 PM

Love it! Love it!

wontdefineme posted 6/10/2013 21:05 PM

So funny, not from Nashville,live 30 minutes out. I'd rather live near the beach.

fraeuken posted 6/11/2013 01:32 AM

Do it, rediscovering country music here as a German in California. Have been to Nashville and thought it rocks!!

Whalers11 posted 6/11/2013 16:55 PM

Home from my week in Nashville. Seriously loved it and could see myself living there... I think I'm gonna check out some apartments...

Mousse242 posted 6/11/2013 17:11 PM

I love Nashville too. So much to do outside of music too. Hit Arrington Vineyards if you're still there. Kix Brooks owns it. Pack a picnic lunch/dinner and get your wine there. They have music there on the weekends too. The Frist Museum is pretty cool for a small art museum. Right next door is the historic Union Station hotel. Great architecture and amazing history. The zoo is nice. Historic Franklin, TN. Loveless Cafe. And on and on . . .

ForwardMotion posted 6/12/2013 08:38 AM

We were just in Nashville the weekend before last...also had a great time. What a cool city.

Went to the brand new Johnny Cash Museum...fascinating. Had a chat with a couple from Australia that do a Johnny and June show down under.

Really enjoyed the Ryman and the CM Hall of Fame. The highlight was probably The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's estate.

Food and drink was great too.

Good luck if this turns out to be a NB!

Bebba1171 posted 6/12/2013 09:27 AM

I live a couple hours away in Paducah, Kentucky.

Nashville is a wonderful town and just like Shelly I have run in that half-marathon in 2011 and 2008.

The 2011 race was really hot! I remember side-stepping and running around many stopped runners.

My girlfriend was there Saturday night and had a blast. There are lots of bars and restaurants there and she loves the music.

Opryland Hotel is awesome...

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