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Emotional affair?

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Rellek posted 6/10/2013 17:53 PM

I just learned on Thursday that my husband of less than a year has been having an emotional affair. Not sure really what else to say. He just says he want space and seems ready to throw in the towel. we havent even really talked about it at all

luv_lost posted 6/10/2013 18:22 PM

((Rellek)) I'm so sorry you are going through's a shitty hand to be dealt. My WH also had an EA...I found out a month ago and its rocked my world. you have found a good place here and will find sucks you have to be here though. SI has been a lifesaver for me.

still2suspicious posted 6/10/2013 18:49 PM


My FWH had a LTEA. All kinds of A's suck, but you will get thru this.

Take care of yourself, eat when u can, drink, stay hydrated.

Can you tell a little bit more? How did you find out? Have you read the Healing Library? Are you still living together? Has he gone NC?

I am sorry you are here. But we are a great bunch of people, with a total of millions ( ) of years experience to help you any way we can.

Although it hurts to think this, he may have given you a gift of seeing the real him now, rather than years down the road with kids, mortgage etc.

What would you like to know??

Sending you great big hugs (((rellek)))

Eta: damn I hate typing on the iPad!!!

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