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Caught WH in a lie yesterday - advice?

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Hunter23 posted 6/11/2013 13:24 PM

WH and I have been doing great. We're in MC every 3 weeks now - he's (seemingly) really trying to get to the core of why his first instinct is to lie.

Sunday morning he had a very long chat with his mom (he told her about the A's right after Dday). No need for me to go into detail, but he admitted some things to her he never did before, and I can imagine she was pretty surprised.

He was all worked up when he got off the phone - I guess worried he'd really upset his mom. I think she's probably relieved he opened up, and I told him that. I also told him how proud I was of him for it - and we had a great day after that. Well, except we had a few too many cocktails on the patio after some yardwork.

And so the both of us woke up feeling pretty hungover (drinks on Sundays? Yeah - bad idea!) but off to work we went.

We texted back and forth through the day, nothing out of the ordinary. He mentioned that he felt awful - we didn't eat much on Sunday which didn't help the gin and tonics. So I wasn't shocked that I found him already in bed when I got home. I went up, kissed him hello, and asked what time he left work. He told me 4:00pm. I left him be and settled myself downstairs. I noticed that he had his laptop next to the bed, again, not unusual.

But, for some reason, I felt the need to check my keylogger , which I check maybe once every week or 2 these days. So I log on, there he is, logged on at 11:33am...WTF?

I got that sick feeling I haven't had in months. Why wouldn't he just tell me he left early? According to the keylogger, he'd been online off and on since 11:30, mostly FB, his usual news and sports sites, and (which he knows I know about).

Call me dumb, but I don't think he left early to have some sort of romp with anyone - unless he had one hand on the keyboard while he was...nevermind. Also, he looked like hell and had plates and crumpled napkins on the floor. I honestly think he felt crappy, left work, got in bed with laptop and some snacks and that's about it.


Don't see myself keeping my mouth shut about this till we go back to MC next week. Do I confront him tonight? I'm not going to tell him how I know, obviously.

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tushnurse posted 6/11/2013 13:33 PM

Well if you caught him, you have 2 choices the way I see it.

1. Confront him about it, by giving him a way out. Did you say you came home at 4:30 yesterday? It just looked like you were camped out there longer than that.

2. Don't confront, and go back on patrol.

If he has an issue with lying then I would say confront, and call BS when you know it's BS. Break the habits. He needs to know that you are cool him being honest and skipping out on work more so than him lieing.

I would not reveal my source though.

confused615 posted 6/11/2013 13:39 PM

If you can confront without revealing your keylogger,I would do it. He is lying for a reason..and ANY lie during R is a problem.

Rebreather posted 6/11/2013 13:48 PM

I'd probably go up to him and say, "soooo, 4 pm, huh? How are the big tits doing?" and see what he says.

Lying can be a habit for waywards. But it is a habit that MUST be broken or you will continue to be in this cycle.

Hunter23 posted 6/11/2013 14:01 PM

Thanks. Yes, lying is the big issue here... On Sunday we talked about how he's really making and effort to be honest (which he did with his mom) - and the next day he flat out BS's me? Did his brutal honesty with mom push him over the edge so he went back to his comfort zone? I don't get it.

Confused, I will be confronting him tonight. He doesn't know about the keylogger so I know he'll be curious as to how he got busted. No problem. We live on the busiest street in town (not saying much). It's almost a given that someone I know would have noticed his car parked out front and wondered why he wasn't at work.... He just doesn't need to know that's not how I found out.

(And me becoming this sneaky really sucks. Not something I like about myself right now.)

cancuncrushed posted 6/11/2013 17:00 PM

this makes me crazy. My H will do this. He will stretch the truth, set me spinning with doubt, just because he didnt want to look woosy with a hangover. I just want to throw things. You have to be transparent. And this shit, over nothing??? THeir ego is so fragile. Which is why we are here, no?

momentintime posted 6/11/2013 17:13 PM

My guess is he never went into work in the first place.

Hunter23 posted 6/12/2013 11:46 AM

Well, I confronted him last night. He didn't deny it, simply said he felt hungover and panicky (issues he's had and is working with MC on) and couldn't handle a full day there. So he made up an excuse about someone coming to the house to look at our stove and cut out of there.

My guess is he never went into work in the first place.

No, I'm fairly certain he did. As I've mentioned before, OW's sis is one of my best GF's and calls/texts GF throughout the day. If he hadn't shown up at all, I would've heard about it. OW is all up in everyone's business there - among other things...

Actually, after we talked about it he asked if I found out when he left through OW's sis. Which I hadn't even thought about. Even if I hadn't caught him on the keylogger, my GF would have mentioned it! So I told him no - that's not how I knew - and that I wouldn't reveal how. But I had to point out to him - that because of the nosy OW, I would've found out anyway!

But all this isn't the point.
I explained that lying about your whereabouts for 4+ hours could be a an absolute deal breaker and could set our progress back significantly. And ANY kind of lie is unacceptable - unless it's for a surprise gift or something.
He kept saying "I should have just told you the truth - now you're thinking the worst."

Well, he's partially right. He should have, and he didn't. But thanks to the keylogger showing his web activity, not to mention finding him amid a pile of snack wrappers, on an unmade bed, still in his work clothes, I wasn't thinking about "the worst".

I really believe the cheating part may never return. It's the years of lying that are so much harder for him to change. He seems to really want to, but this kind of nonsense just takes us a step back.

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