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Angry at life and Mrs. Robinson

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rumorhasit posted 6/11/2013 15:38 PM

X apparently showed up at DD's school yesterday and gave her a stuffed animal that Mrs. Robinson had bought her. 1) stop randomly showing up at your daughters school, its weird and 2) its weird to buy things for a child you've never met, lady.

She is trying so hard to insert herself into MY place.

I want my life back! I miss my life! And I can't ever get it back...

X is going to see DS this evening. If DS comes home with a damn stuffed animal I will , and put it in the garage for donation. If he doesn't come home with a stuffed animal I will be pissed off at the unequal treatment. Mrs. Robinson is in a no win situation here.

I'm lonely and feel like crap. And I'm angry.

Can she please just go away now?!

dmari posted 6/11/2013 16:51 PM

Showing up at school to give a child a stuffed animal is inappropriate and immature.

Mrs. Robinson is living in rainbow unicorn fartland if she thinks she can ever take YOUR place and is a complete idiot.

devistatedmom posted 6/11/2013 17:31 PM

Tell him point blank anything his OW wants to buy for the kids stays at his place. If it comes home, it will go in the garbage.

You can't stop him or her from trying to buy the kids. You can stop that crap they buy from entering your house and you having to look at it.

SBB posted 6/11/2013 17:55 PM

So weird and creepy.

Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do. My girls don't shuttle toys between homes. I make a big fuss of "oh no you should keep it at daddy's house so you have fun toys to play with over there".

I wouldn't say anything to the X. Don't make him important - he is irrelevant, treat him as such.

The only thing worse than either of those whores being around my girls is someone being unkind to them.

I know it is cold comfort but that thinking has helped me deal with a situation that I have no control or influence over. The other option is to make myself crazy which is no good for me or my girls.


rumorhasit posted 6/11/2013 18:31 PM

Thanks for the validation and empathy!

If something comes home, I won't make an issue of it, just get rid of it. DS being only two makes that easier, unless its Mickey or Thomas he probably wouldn't even notice.

X and I don't talk, he arranges visits through my dad and my dad takes DS. He only asks once a week anyway. So I wouldn't be saying anything at all to him. He wanted to say he was unhappy with me and that I mentally abused him? I fixed that and vanished from his life as best I could six weeks ago. He should be on cloud nine.

I wish I could be in rainbow shitting unicorn land... being in reality sucks.

Cookie7088 posted 6/11/2013 19:06 PM

I would say nothing about the stuffed would just be mistakenly left out in the next rain storm....followed by it being torn apart by the biggest dog in the neighborhood. Then when he shows up for the next visit, make sure it's in plain view...if he ask about it, simply say,"Oh, well."

FieldsOfLavender posted 6/11/2013 23:27 PM

STBX's whore left her jacket in our car. I noticed it and recognized that it must be hers. I was thinking of cutting it up with scissors and throwing it in the stinky outdoor trash can. Instead, I thought somebody else could use it and put it at the bottom of the donation bag. Good luck if she ever sees that jacket again!

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