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Today Show this morn

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fourever posted 6/12/2013 07:05 AM

Doing a segment about public shaming.
(A woman posted You Tube about cheating husband going viral).

They are asking, What do YOU think?

I would LOVE to post the mow for everyone to see. Still my #1 Karma Bus hope.
I think there would be a lot less of this if your picture showed up someplace!

Jaded4life posted 6/12/2013 10:03 AM

I didn't watch but I think you're referring to the idiot that was boasting about his affairs and a random passenger posted his picture on Facebook.

I think it was a horrible thing to do to his BW. It's one thing to find about about your spouses affairs and another for the whole world to know about it. I feel bad for her and her kids. We all felt enough shame, and, at some point in the process, even blamed ourselves for the affairs. This woman will go thru all of that x1000. She didn't deserve to find out that way. The guy is trash and deserves everything he gets from this, but my heart hurts for her.

I know for me, this would make R impossible. I'd feel like I was being judged for giving him another chance after making a fool of me. It's like her path was decided for her.

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