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I hate being broke and stressed Vent

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lost4now posted 6/12/2013 08:49 AM

After 22 years of marriage and 30 years with this man my life is reduced to being a single (waiting to be divorced) mom with a big house I have to take care of alone and NO MONEY!

We never had money problems before. Unfortunately, I could not deal with his lying and cheating for the past five years and was forced to divorce his stupid ass! I continue to live in the marital home with my daughters while waiting for it to sell and our divorce to be final. STBXH is suppose to pay the house bills and I continue to pay for food and all essentials for our children. STBXH came to pick up our youngest for visitation and tells me by next month he will only be able to afford to continue to pay for the other bills. Well.....sorry assclown that is not how it is written in our settlement agreement!!!!

Last week, I was negative $37 in my checking account! I do not have the money for anything additional right now. I think I am going to have to go get a part time job! I can't afford not to! I really hate this shit.

His OW must have a magic vagina!!!!!!!!!

KeepOnMovin posted 6/12/2013 10:19 AM

I'm so sorry lost4now. i don't have any advice as far as getting your STBX to pay what he owes.

I know it is tough to take care of a big old house and kids by yourself, though. Know that you are heard.

Also, there is nothing magic about her vagina. Just a screwed up soon to be ex husband. it will be too late for him, when he realizes this.


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