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Reading too much into it??

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bunni972 posted 6/12/2013 21:01 PM

So a few Saturdays ago my wh and I were spending the morning out. He picked me up after he got off work that morning and took me off to breakfast, helped me with the shopping, etc. As he was getting ready to run into the dmv his phone popped up with a Facebook message from a woman I had never heard of. I immediately asked him who she was and he told me she was a former co-worker. I read the message while he was in the dmv, no big deal, asked him if he had survived the recent storms and how he was doing. I told him I read it when he got back in the car and he was fine with it.
A week or so later I was getting on fb on his computer and his account logged in. I checked the messages, saw that he hadn't responded. I decided to see who this lady was and discovered that she was friends with the ow.
I decided to reply back to her message with a vague, yea we survived and I am great, how about yourself. Sounds just like something by wh would say.
Now this woman has never contacted him on Facebook before, he has never mentioned her either. My thoughts are that more than likely the ow had her check up on him and see how he was.
Am I being paranoid by thinking this? To my knowledge he & the ow have not had any type of contact in almost 2 years. I check his phone less and less anymore. I do check his email but that is only because he has all of our dental claim, and healthcare spending information sent to his email, which he will go weeks without checking. He is well aware that I am on his email on a weekly basis to check on those things and then on our bill pay information that is sent to his email.
Again, am I just being paranoid? Maybe she was just being friendly. Maybe I'm reading to much into it. She has yet to respond so that is what makes me think even more that she might have been phishing for information.

OptimisticWife posted 6/13/2013 04:45 AM

I asked my H to block and delete any FB friends he had that knew OW.
I wouldn't feel comfortable otherwise.

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