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what is up with OW? and why do I care?

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MartlArts posted 6/13/2013 18:05 PM

So it's been 3+ yrs since dday, and quite awhile since I felt the need to obsessively cyberstalk wannabe OW. I was at the point where I'd figured out that her life was empty, lonely and boring. (Which probably explains why she sought out an ex bf from decades ago for a long distance OEA. I think it seemed like a safe way to add some spice.)

Had the dday antiversary a few weeks ago, since she came to mind on that date I idly looked her up. She had changed her status from M to D! Now this piqued my interest so I began searching any and all info. A member here even helped search legal records. No confirmation to indicate the status change is true. I could envision her lying to make herself appear available, but her grown children would surely notice and question the status change.

Well, I guess she almost got her wish. She couldn't hold my H's interest (he stopped communicating months before I found out), but she's succeeded in getting some of my attention anyway.

What's up, Wannabe? Are you lonesome tonight?

fourever posted 6/13/2013 20:07 PM


bold]What's up, Wannabe? Are you lonesome tonight? [/bold]

Oh, I hope so! Yours and mine!

MartlArts posted 6/13/2013 20:12 PM

Fourever - as OW sows, so shall OW reap!

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