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did you dream about A?

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scangel3 posted 6/14/2013 00:12 AM

Did you ever have dreams about the A? And not because of the stuff you knew about. More like a vision/preminition, of what was going on or going to happen?

I had a few but the one that has stuck with me that I can still visualize like it just happened was... We were at a family party ice skating, we were all having fun and then OW showed up. There was no drama, but WH and OW started skating together, like a couples skate you watch on TV. They were good together, but while I was watching this I got a sick feeling knowing who this person was, no one else in the party except one person that knew IRL about the A knew who she was in my dream. It was weird, awkward, to watch, at the end of their "show" they looked in each others eyes like they were madly in love with each other. Then i knew they were in love, I could see it between them.

Then the dream was over, I woke up triggering to say the least, this dream happened in the middle of a couple ddays, I was under the impression that they were done and it was a silly start of an EA. I told WH about my dream, needed reassurance that my dream was just that a dream, or a nightmare if you wish, he looked at me and promised it was nothing more then a dream/nightmare and he never loved her.

Of course I believed him, he swore they were over and nothing happenned, physically or emotionaly. But he LIED he did love her and I soon found out he and her were still together.

I told him my dream, he even comforted me, reassured me he didn't now or ever love her and they were over. He looked at me and lied straight to my face, continued their "relationship" knowing my dream and heartache, knowing how upset just that dream made me.

Did anyone else have these types of dreams that in a way came true? I should have listened to my head at the time, even in rem sleep my body was calling me a fool.

Hearthache again posted 6/14/2013 01:31 AM

The only clue I had was dreams. My H behavior never really changed. He was depressed so always angry. Turns out most of the anger was him mad at himself for what he did.

My dreams consisted of him having sex with a women in a truck like vehicle. I never knew who the women was but it was him. Come to find out he had sex with OW in the back seat of her truck. I told him many times what my dream was. He just told me it was just a dream, knowing full well they were true. This was a recurring dream, not just a one night thing. It was the same dream that would happen at least once a week. They stopped after I knew the truth.

Second set of dreams was prior to dday #2. This time it was him having sex in a car. I kept telling him its not the same dream this time its in a car. He again told me it was just a dream. Just like last time, these dreams were the same one over and over again for weeks. DDay #2 he told me it happened a couple of time in OW#2 car at the park by his work.

I asked him why he never told me the truth when I already knew what happened. His response was I was too ashamed to admit it. He also did not want to admit that I was right even without proof.

He will never be able to hid anything from me like this. Both times there was never any normal A signs. He was always here. Never talked to OW on phone. Never saw them outside of work Hr. I can not believe a women would settle for just a few minutes, and I mean minutes on his breaks at work. How pathetic can you be.

I will occasionally have a dream about him cheating, but they are never the same and are very weird, not real like the ones I had before. I don't know how to explain it. Those dreams were not dreams they were different. They felt real, probably because they were real.

Want2help posted 6/14/2013 01:33 AM

Yes, we got in a big, fight, made up, and I woke up in his arms, after a terrible dream where he had moved in with a girl who had suddenly appeared on his "friends" on his social networking page.

He had left me to pay for the house, the cars, etc., so he and this girl could start over.

I woke up and told him, and he looked horrified that I would ever think such a thing. Now I know he was horrified at my intuition. The "girl" was actually his Ow that I didn't know about. She was trying to get him to move out and get an apartment with her.

kansas1968 posted 6/14/2013 01:41 AM

Very rarely. I did have a dream this past weekend while we were staying at a hotel. I dreamed that I found a note from her in our room telling him that she was in the hotel and to come to her room. I woke up in a sweat, had to get up, go outside and smoke, and then I woke him up and told him about it. He was so sweet and loving, saying that not in a million years would he had got to her room.

That is one of the few dreams that I have had. Thank God.

scangel3 posted 6/14/2013 01:44 AM

Heartache, this...

Those dreams were not dreams they were different. They felt real, probably because they were real.

This is exactly what I felt too, it was so real feeling. Like I actually watched this happen, not just dreamt it

Emptyshelldad posted 6/14/2013 02:22 AM

this was my dream about "the situation".
they were really hard on me.

nights are the worst. I find myself staying awake so when I do finally sleep it will be only couple hours, so I won't be able to dream....same dream everytime......I wake up to find That all if this since dday has been a bad nightmare....and I'm so relieved and freaked out how it all seemed so real. Then I live my life restored to the former glory pre-dday self. But after a few Weeks, certain things seem off, only a little, but more and more frequent the longer its been in my dream world. As I slowly feel the cold iron hand twisting at my insides, I fight to ignore the more and more obvious undeniable, glitches. Because Iknow now what is happening,....i fight it but the truth tears away at me....this normal world is the dream and the nightmare I awoke from is my reality. And then I wake to feel it all brand new again. its emotionally wearing me away.

sodamnlost posted 6/14/2013 09:03 AM

I don't recall ever dreaming about it during the A but I sure do now ;( They are almost nightly now it seems. A few keep reoccurring. I have had premonition type dreams before, twice when I was a kid. I would have dug into this if I had one before Dday. Wish I had.

libertyrocks posted 6/14/2013 09:11 AM

Not at all. I don't allow OW or A to invade my sex life or my dreams...But, I can see how this can happen. I just think about it all day long...

I'm sorry, scangel....

You're gut instinct is always right...

movingforward13 posted 6/14/2013 18:17 PM

Yes I did, and for the last six month, I have been afraid to sleep because I will dream of them... Then within the last few weeks, I am not afraid any more. Thank God! No more dreams. Actually I have been having dreams of us back together...

crazyblindsided posted 6/14/2013 18:32 PM

Yes I had it right after their A went PA. I woke up traumatized and even told my WH about the dream. I asked him if he would ever discard me like that with not a care in the world? And he kissed me on the forehead and told me Never in a million years and that he loved me.

The reality ended up being so much worse than the dream. I remember fearing that dream would come true and it did ten fold.

Nature_Girl posted 6/14/2013 19:11 PM

Yes, I had a vivid dream about a strange-looking woman who entered my home & tried to kill me with hypodermic needles. As it turns out the time of the dream coincided with when STBX started up a relationship with one particular OW. Based on pictures I've seen of her since then she looks almost exactly like the woman in my dream. Further, she was a convicted felon who's crime was being a heroin dealer.

grapefruit posted 6/14/2013 19:21 PM

Yes, I used to have regular dreams (over many years) that my H was cheating on me. I would tell him and he would always reassure me that he'd never do that. The most disturbing thing about the dreams was the fact that he was extremely cold - like he didn't give a crap about me.

The dreams have stopped since D-Day. It was the *only* sense I had that something wasn't right, because I trusted him completely. I never understood why I had those dreams. I do now.

Phoenix519 posted 6/14/2013 19:50 PM

Yes. My Dday was in May of 09, long after the A ended. The A was in 06/07.

In October of 05 I had a vivid dream of my FWH going to NYC with someone named Julie and having an A. I dreamed I burned our house down. The dream was horrible and I woke up panicked, sweating and crying and told him everything. In the first quarter of 06 he told me he had to go to NYC for work, couldn't get out of it. It was not something he ever had to do before, even my dreaming about him working in NYC was easy for me to brush off because the chances of it happening were zero. I reminded him of my dream and it was a big joke at the time. He even had the kids picking at me about it.

In the months following Dday I found chat logs detailing his trip with " it" ...they went to NYC together. And I found out her name is as close to Julie as you can get. Turns out he was already involved when I had my dream/premonition, and he went anyway.

I had zero knowledge of her or that he even worked with her. None, I was completely blindsided on Dday.

When I discovered the A, I immediately asked him if she went with him to NYC..he TT me to death. No, I swear he said...the chat logs revealed different. When I confronted him about the trip I said..My God, do you remember my dream? He said "Yes"..I said, Yes, he did.

He's damn lucky the rest of my dream didn't come true. The house is still standing.

Honest to God true story.

Edited for spelling

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clralb posted 6/14/2013 20:43 PM

Not an A per say, but I would say in the first year and a half of our relationship I would have recurring dreams of me waking up and him gone, just gone. No note, no warning, just left me without so much as a glance behind.

Those dreams stopped after we were married and I did not have those dreams so much anymore.

No, not an A itself, but being left by him, him just vanishing with no word, no regard, like I never existed to him.

Take2 posted 6/14/2013 21:06 PM

The first three years of our M I had many dreams where he was coldly walking away from me with his arms around another woman. I told him about them, but he said he was having similar dreams, and imagined it must be newlywed related. I bought what he said and remained totally clueless for 28 years.

At 28 years things got really bad. He was cold, cruel and distant. For two months I prayed for God to show me the truth about my marriage. Then I had a dream wherein he confessed to an A. When I woke up - I knew it was true... I just knew - although I never would have believed it was possible - I couldn't deny that an A explained everything that was going on.

I told him I knew, and he denied it. I told him God revealed it in a dream and he finally admitted it. That was Dday 1.

Dday 2 was when he confirmed that he'd had 12 A's during the first 3-4 years of our marriage.

Thankfully none of the dreams were graphic. I was surprised when I learned doing some research that it isn't rare for dreams to put a BS on the trail... Guess we've all just confirmed that... but it still amazes me!

thisissogross posted 6/14/2013 21:09 PM

(Ok-just a warning-this post has to do with divination, if that offends anyone, please skip.I've always wanted to respond when I see these dream threads and haven't for fear of offending anyone, and I can't resist any longer.)

I didn't dream about it, but, I work with tarot and saw it in my cards. Weird experience, and h HATED my cards during early days. Hated. He tried to, kind of, dismiss me as a crazy woo-woo-witchy-poo (like he didn't know this about me when we married) and debate them for a bit, "it's like you believe the cards more than me."

Yup, I most certainly did. Shamelessly so. They never lied to me, may have been difficult to interpret @ times-but never deceptive. And what my deck had to say always matched our finances, phone bill and his demeanor.

Also, there was a day (fairly early in r) when he wanted a reading about something or other and I said sure (see? Woo-woo-witchy-poo is supercool and accurate when he wants to know about a promotion). But-he didn't realize that those were MY cards (actually neither did I till that moment) and charged with all my pain and confusion and desparate need to know certain things. That was quite a reading . . . My head was all but buzzing as soon as he touched them, the cards knew who was holding them, and just did their own darn thing.

Yeah, he didn't learn squat about work, I learned ALL kinds of stuff about where he was at and probably a little more about his turmoil @ that time than I think he was even aware of yet. As well as receiving confirmation that the a was truly over and that everything he thought he felt toward ow was an imaginary wisp of nothing, in addition to 5-6 months overview of his work in ic.

Hahahaha! Between woo-woo and the fact I would deliberately let him catch me tailing him occasionally (he's not clinically paranoid-just a tad for sure though) I happen to know he was quite frightened of me for some time.

Anyway, I think of these experiences (especially spontaneous ones like dreams) as gifts. Knowledge is always a gift, even (or maybe especially) painful knowledge.

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quoththeraven1 posted 6/14/2013 22:40 PM

The dreams have come since discovery. Not good at all. Interestingly, my first conviction that there was an affair came 5 years before discovery. I have no idea what I dreamed, but I awakened in the middle of the night suddenly completely convinced that she was having an affair with Little Prince Charming. I think my subconscience connected all of the dots without letting my emotions interfere with sound reasoning

Vulcanized posted 6/15/2013 03:44 AM

Yup, absolutely had pre-cognizant dreams from roughly the minute he started A w/main OW.

Same damn dream for 6+ months & for the life of me, could not figure out wtf it meant. Had it the night before DD for the last time. On DD, I knew exactly what it meant.

The shortened, condensed version. Lost in an incredibly hostile environment with no phone, no money, no way to handle the situation. Somehow, always find a way to take care of myself & wind up where I need to be.

Then again, I've had a lifetime of precognizant dreams.

Bobbi_sue posted 6/15/2013 04:26 AM

Did anyone else have these types of dreams that in a way came true? I should have listened to my head at the time, even in rem sleep my body was calling me a fool.

This is actually a little scary to me because my dreams are often quite bizarre and I can't really see a clear meaning in them. Therefore, I have always been skeptical of "premonition" type of dreams.

Yet, it happened to me too, also after D-day 1, but just before D-day 2. It was like a premonition of the day I would be waking up to!

I had dreamed he was telling me that he was leaving for the Whore and he was in love with her.

I woke up and there he was beside me, like so many other times I've had a bad dream, it was a relief and I knew it was "just a dream."

But later after starting my day, I discovered him with a secret phone, and then suddently it was D-day #2!

All I can think is that dream was mirroring what he actually was planning to say to me IRL! It didn't happen quite that way because I caught him on that phone, but it turns out he had verbalized with the whore, they would plan to run away together, and they loved each other. I will never downplay what a dream can mean, again.

This scares me because last night, I dreamed I was about to be attacked by a man. It seemed very real and I think I was even calling for help in my sleep. I woke up, was relieved it was just a dream. But I still laid there thinking: does this mean something? Should I be watching for a potential rapist every where I go? It is just scary to me.

seekingright2013 posted 6/15/2013 04:37 AM

Night before last, I had a dream that exSO's AP cheated on him with someone he knew. She was moving some furniture (something she had bought or had in storage) and the guy helping her (a mutual friend of theirs) was HER AP. In the dream, exSO was shocked and heartbroken.

It is rare for me to remember my dreams. I am NC with exSO so who knows if its true. I will NOT be researching this to find out!

One kind of weird thing is the level of detail in the dream about stuff that doesn't matter, like the furniture that was being moved, brand of moving truck etc. I have no idea of who their mutual friends are, but i had a very clear image of what the guy in the dream looked like.

Anyway, when i ended our relationship, I did tell exSO that I was putting a curse on him -- that he would truly love someone, and that she would him exactly as he treated me.

Probably just my subconscious at play but I would so love it if the dream were true!

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