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wh is getting the short stick

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huRtZ413 posted 6/14/2013 12:06 PM

so yesterday was an ok day considering im not far out from Dday we managed to run errands without talking about the A( we wait til were alone) and crying and what not and as i walk out the store I notice a co-worker of my WH wave at me I wave back at him hes with a girl i dont notice i barely even noticed him they were standing in a parking lot talking and he comes up says hi and talks to my WH and the girl gets in the car and my WH just ask whats up what are you doing here ....the co-workers say oh talking to a friend from out of town my first thought was he is sooo cheating. the WH seemed to have a face on him like oh shit im gonna be very uneasy ride back home. they said theyre byes and we still had errands to run so we left down the block on our way back home we had to go past where we saw his co - worker (ex co-worker) they were still in the parking lot she was still in her care and he was outside on the passenger side talking to her through the window ....this guy has a wife why wasnt she there too??? my mind was racing i didnt say a word got home and the WH just knew he asked anyways i told him i think his co-worker is cheating . WH paused and said well idk that but i know that wasnt his wife last i heard the had big problems and blah blah bah ....but yeah i get why your mind will go to that and im sorry . that he doesnt know whats going on with him but he knows whats going on with us and he is trying to help me by showing love and attention and taking my stabs ....

the situation just made me feel bad even more so cause the women just stared at me at first very fishy like . at first i thought she was his wife and i looked aways as i didnt want her thinkin i was looking at her hubby but now i just got a sick feeling everybody does it!!!!!

the guy too was so very sweet bright smile and seem like the person to help out ppl in need so i like to believe he it was a friend but after my shock over a month ago nice men cheat too

SecondHelping posted 6/14/2013 13:42 PM

It's weird how we just know and and can pick up on that stuff now.

My DS11 just finished Little League baseball. At the last came, I turned to my wife and said, "so there are three other unfaithful wives sitting in these bleacher all from just my son's team. Over the season (3 months) I picked up on clues, conversations and observation and found out how rampant infidelity is in our area.

Sucks. If'd I'd known and suspected, I'd of moved a long time ago.

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