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NikkiD posted 6/14/2013 12:50 PM

So, I havent posted in a while. And I guess you can say we are trying to reconcile. We still live in seperate places and I gotta be honest, I HATE living with my mom, but i am in no rush to make house with him again either.

I feel really indifferent. If he gets it together, ok, if not, ok. I dont really care.

Is this normal? Is there other work I need to be doing too? I mean, I just not feeling him anymore. How does one get excited about a person so was so disloyal?


libertyrocks posted 6/14/2013 12:53 PM

pffff. Just yesterday, I didn't care if he ate and then we had sex and made love all night. Go figure.

Yeah, I can't explain it. It's a process. That's all.

I've been doing 180, not even calling him. I want to love myself again.

Are you both in IC/MC? We didn't progress until we started and still become anti-productive when we miss sessions...

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NikkiD posted 6/14/2013 13:03 PM

No, not in IC or MC. Not sure I care that much though. Sex doesnt mean much to be honest because its not mental for me anymore.....

I dont know, it may be a deal breaker for me....Im just not that into him, or being married at all. I would rather do the mom thing with all the sports, and dance and whatever other stuff they want to discover and explore.....

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