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Nice story from my travels this week.

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hexed posted 6/15/2013 00:57 AM

I was in CA this week for work. I popped in to a drug store about 10pm. In front of me was a very frazzled young mom - baby boy on her hip (not more than 1) and a little girl in the cart (2-3yrs). She was searching for her debit card to buy some milk.

Turns out this young mom wasn't a mom at all. She had just driven 3 hours from the Bay Area to pick these kids up from a distant relative's house. The kids had been left alone in their house. The parents had been arrested .... again. She was on her way back with the kids. She was taking them to her Dad's house b/c she couldn't miss work the next day. This gal still had another 2 hours of driving left. She had just had to buy 2 car seats, diapers and clothes for the kids so she couldn't afford to miss the hours at work.

By all appearances and conversation, this was a young woman with her act together. She had a good job an older but well cared for Honda. "at least it doesn't have a payment". She was stepping up to take care of these two kids. Her parents will help but she will be primarily responsible. She just couldn't stand to see them go to foster care.

We chatted for a few minutes and I helped her with the car seat for the little one. She was everything that is good about people in a difficult situation. She may have been frazzled from the day but she had it together and was stepping up to help these kids.

I bet she could use a few good thoughts. If you've got a few to spare, young 'mom' and kids in the Bay area could probably use a few.

wildbananas posted 6/15/2013 01:26 AM

Not far from me... sending good thoughts to them all.

What a wonderful, selfless thing for her to do.

Kajem posted 6/15/2013 02:27 AM

Sending good thoughts to mom and those kids...

Hugs for you too,


aLadypilot posted 6/15/2013 09:20 AM

God bless her!

And you too for sharing the story.

FaithFool posted 6/15/2013 10:29 AM

Wow. What an amazingly selfless thing to do.

ETA I'm sure it wasn't the case but of course the cynic in me has a nagging thought that she made that up to cover for the fact that it was actually a kidnapping in progress... sheesh, I'm so jaded.

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