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neighbor died

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notsosureanymore posted 6/15/2013 23:20 PM

They were up drinking outside between the two places late last night. He must have never woke up. I have always kept to myself before and especially again this past month after my wife left. They are young in their mid to late 20s. I feel bad for them, I was never to close for many reasons, they smoke a lot of dope, mean dogs etc. At the place we moved from in 2006. The girlfriend lived across the way with her grandma. She seen the way we split. She seen and heard the fights and pretty much everything through the paper walls. She was only a teen then. the details of our broken marriage followed us over here to this place. they moved behind us with the guys brother and spouse a couple yrs after we moved here. It seems demented to have lived here but we could not move i guess. They all seen how we tried, thrived or struggled even though I tried to keep us closed off. In there time here this couple had broke it off themselves and appeared to have other mates this past year, they shared a young baby. It seems infidelity runs a full circle. At my old job three weeks ago, I quit due to stress of it all, there was a young 20 some kid who knew my story from 06 (I know He was an other child from infidelity. he told most everyone there laughing and running his mouth. he got fired and most everyone who had any say in it but it was never disclosed to me. Guys would sing when I was around "hey baby Que paso thought I was your only vato" Or songs like "my girl likes to party all the time." I had to quit it was inevitable. I would have snapped before too much longer. Today I was out side at 8:30 mowing they closed their window because I was loud. I turned some soil and planted my first seeds of the season some zucchini seeds. I finally decided to plant I was going to go big this year with my garden I was bringing boards home from work, I had all my stuff like hoses and weed block etc. The week after mothers day i craigslisted it all for free and threw it all away to clean my yard. I didnt know if i was going to leave or stay. Today I planted sunflowers where I wanted them to be. (Not where they have chose to grow so far this year.) His death is another thing we will have to live with.

jo2love posted 6/16/2013 17:22 PM


I'm so sorry. I think it's healthier that you left that job. People can be cruel and you don't deserve that treatment. I hope you find a wonderful new job (if you haven't already). Planting the sunflowers is a wonderful idea. You can watch them grow and toast the seeds.

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