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Counting the cheaters in my life.

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openedupmyeyes posted 6/17/2013 06:04 AM

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my childhood. Everybody cheated my dad,mom,grandparents. The list goes on....My dad was a very handsome man. Ricky Ricardo handsome. In 1954 he was engaged to someone in NY. He joined the military and at the end of his tour he was stationed in California. Where he met my mom. A whirlwind romance, an elopement,then me. Not sure of the order. Fast forward 4 years and we are in NY. This is where I grew up.My father cheated with neighbors. I remember many hushed fights. He also had a long term affair with his secretary. I'm pretty sure there is at least 1 oc with another woman. I remember attacking our sitter/companion because I overheard a nasty conversation between the two.
I was 11. My mom had a revenge emotional affair? With our landlord. He moved in with us. He lived in the basement, but he spent all day everyday with our family. He was my dads friend. Their friendship lasted 20 years. Hell.. He was a part of our family. He was in love with my mother. When we moved he moved with us. Even across the country. Growing up my bounderies jacked when it came to relationships. I wonder why. Cheating is and was a big deal to me.I knew what it can do to a family. I met my h when I was 13. He watched with me. We grew up together, we were friends. His dad cheated on and beat his mom. We knew that we didn't want to live the way we were being taught.
Maybe I should have journaled this.

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