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Mil problems! Need help!

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Dancetilldawn posted 6/17/2013 07:38 AM

Inlaws are madhatters. both are (I believe) NPD. WS is starting to see the issue's but doesn't have a backbone. WS laid down some boundaries, but, they broke them. They blame everything on me, so, I haven't talked to them in a year. They know of the A's from rumors.

I found out a few weeks ago that MIL is coming on the 22nd of June to the country we now live in (for WS job) to go on a cruse, with a friend. This is her home country, lots of friends and family here. We are going back to our house in the states for the summer in two weeks. Thought that I was not going to have to deal with her.
Last night, my WS asks if it's ok to invite her over to see our new house. I will be in the states. (Major trigger for me, because she has criticized my house keeping before.) I got quiet. He told me that I am the most important thing to him, and it's up to me. Well, I couldn't sleep last night and had to talk myself out of a panic attack. Asked more questions this morning, and wouldn't you know it, she is arriving early, today! 5 days early. My gut says to not let her come to the house. My family can have dinner out with her. I hope she doesn't start a family feud. Why, do I always look like the bad guy?

JustWow posted 6/17/2013 07:47 AM

Sounds like the family feud is already started, and you are the designated target whose role is to take it and pretend it aint happening.

Tell him no momma in your house. Breaking those sick cycles is a step in his growth and your healing as a couple. Throw momma from the train

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