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Waiting for my xwh's next move......

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She11ybeanz posted 6/17/2013 08:39 AM most of you XWH sent me a letter recently asking me to take his name off of my student loans so that he may re-finance his home. Um..... No and NO. Not going to happen. He didn't have a problem turning me down when I needed his help a couple of years ago when I was laid off from my I plan on returning the favor! Plus, it is not within my best interest to refinance anyways!

So.....I KNOW him....and I KNOW that I have not heard the last of him yet. I'm wondering what his next move will be and am thinking it will either be in the form of a 2nd letter (him ASSuming I didn't get his 1st letter) OR he will show up at my mother's house (again cause he will try talking to her because she always loved him and she is also a WS herself for cheating on my dad and leaving him. Therefore he hopes for sympathy points).

I'm probably just going to wait it out and see what he does figuring that he probably heard about me trashing my wedding dress and hoping that IF he is a smart man that he will take that as a slight "HINT" of my response to his request! However, I still fantasize of leaving a letter with my mom to relay to him in case he shows up at her house.... it would simply be a photo copy of my middle finger.... in all its elongated freckled glory!

I figure if he keeps bugging me and I'm forced to respond, that I will send him a letter back with the highest font I can find that says simply "NO."

But, as of right now.... I'm enjoying the sweet sound of crickets and sipping on my karma tea and reveling in the fact that the wheels are spinning out of control in his thick head and he is about to explode from the silence!

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itainteasy posted 6/17/2013 08:55 AM

If you HAVE to respond, I would say

I received your request re: my student loans. As it is not in my best interest to refi them without your name, regretfully I must decline your request.

Thank you for your understanding,


I think a polite response would FRY HIS ASS!

But I love the idea of sending him a photocopy of you telling him he's #1!!

She11ybeanz posted 6/17/2013 10:24 AM

But I love the idea of sending him a photocopy of you telling him he's #1!!

Oh yes..... I agree... and yes..... being polite would probably fry his ass... about as much as when he said in the closing of his letter, "I hope this letter finds you in good health blah blah blah" Like he gives a rats ass about my health! Butt kissing will get him NOWHERE!

k94ever posted 6/17/2013 13:34 PM

Note to all fellow SI'ers.

"Don't get on the bad side of She11ybeanz."


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