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Officially A Season

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windowsnotwalls posted 6/17/2013 10:32 AM

Just stopping in to say, I'm triggered constantly lately. Last year, we started false R mid-Jan. I'd later find out last October during disclosure that that the PAs, online dating sites, ashleymadison, etc, started in May continuing through Labor Day.

It's going to be a long summer. He's trying to help me through with positive reassurances and affirmations. I have full transparency. He's setting some new, much needed boundaries and sticking to those. Still, hard to get to sleep some nights, other nights I want to be in bed by 7. Nightmares are ridiculous. (5 last night, 2 that repeated, I just gave up on sleep and stayed up after the last one.)

I'm taking positive steps for myself, vitamins, dr appts, IC, productivity, reading, group support, quality time with family/friends, blood tests, etc.

(sigh) Time, that wretched word.......time, that's the only thing missing still.

Just finished my morning reading/journaling routine, now off to get ready for my IC appt. One day at a time, forward leaning.

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PurpleBirch posted 6/17/2013 13:53 PM


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