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Just go away you loser bitch!! FB messages

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UndecidedinMA posted 6/17/2013 15:12 PM

Conversation started August 28, 2012

Im assuming this is you from the baseball shirts,just fyi...neither i nor kid#2 are going to court..all of this shit is way out of hand..i get the blame for far more than i have to power to do...ii am not perfect and i apologize for my part..however this family is torn apart..i begged kid#1 to wait at least a year to get married,figuring hed she what she was and run,i couldnt stop it so i just tried to do the best i could to get threw it for ,kid#2 owes his father a huge apology and wil be writing one soon,he is working and i am taking no shit from him and he knows it..i do have to say you hit on the head about wife of kid #1,once she was his wife and i disagreed with her and put wedding photos of my family and the boys on facebook she hacked into and deleted my account and my hotmail,because she knew my watch your back..i know none of us are going to be friends,but for the sake of the kids and having a relationship with thier father in the future lets be adults..i want to put the past where it belongs,in the past and try to repair the damage thats been done..we all as parents fall short,but dennys loves his sons,i know that..wife of kid #1 has far more pull than i,so i cant help that situation right now..but i wanted you to let FWSO know ..we are not going to court and i told the da this was an out of control family matter and Kid#2 was no i just wanted to say what i had to say..good luck to you both..really..OWXDBC
November 27, 2012

block me as FWSO has your a couple of fucked up,physchonpeople,ive tried to be civil,but i hope you both rot in hell,im confident you will,you fat,ugly bitch,as FWSO always said,you wont believe it because your pathetic,but my children are doing well.and when bad karma hits you and him its from god....LOSERS

I just found these last week and they brought me right back to DDAy After I calmed down & saw the dates I felt better, she apparently found out I was her only door to FWSO, I keep it open so maybe his sons will reconcile their differences. It went to my "other" folder on FB - never knew I had one Oh and I am sure second one was sent after a few of her daily multiple cocktails

OMG I so want to respond & let her know how good we are. I would like her to know how many times a day he tells me he loves me, that he actually has thanked me for R. I would love to throw our romantic cruise & upcoming family vacation to WDW at her loser self.

The sane part of me knows crickets but OMG this is abpit the hardest moment yet. I even bought an "I feel bad your so sick" sympathy card

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Deeply Scared posted 6/17/2013 16:20 PM

Moving to General

Want2help posted 6/17/2013 20:15 PM

Uuugh, I HATE the "other" file on Facebook!

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