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Any tiny victory is good right?

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sodamnlost posted 6/17/2013 20:33 PM

To say our R has been rocky is putting it mildly. Today, I just want to share some good for a change. WH has been so proactive in "seeing" me. Turns out, he has been seeing me - just gets in his own way. He has been assuming what I need and ignoring what I say. Lots of paralysis by analysis too. First step is him admitting and seeing it.

That stopped yesterday. Yes I know it's way too soon to count it, but for today, just for today, it counts. The last two days, he is a man I didn't know still existed. Again, for today, all is well and I shall enjoy it. I know more bumps are ahead in our road but today - all is well. I have had triggers and hurt these last two days but in the end - all is well today. Only took almost 9 months to say that. LOL!

blakesteele posted 6/17/2013 21:25 PM

Hey, small victories are what its about...haven't seen anyone post about hitting a home run ever.

If it weren't for the small victories this path would drive a person to drinking!

Congratulations! Don't be bashful....celebrate when you can...try to squirrel away a bit of that positive momentum for when the negative pot holes reappear....they will help get you through. Hang in there kid.

God be with us all.

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