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idle speculation

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ProbableIceCream posted 6/17/2013 21:28 PM

It just dawned on me recently that I see way way more posts from betrayed women here than betrayed men. This doesn't necessarily mean that men cheat more than women--maybe women are more likely to find the site or to reach out and post or something like that. But it's interesting.

Dark Inertia posted 6/17/2013 21:30 PM

I think there has been a recent influx of men the last few months.

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somanyyears posted 6/17/2013 22:25 PM

.. could it be that men have difficulty with expressing their feelings about betrayal and heartbreak?

..could their egos be getting in the way? it considered unmanly to cry about the wife stepping out on them? the site considerd to be a bit 'girlie' for most guys?

..there are a lot of posts about shoes.....


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FaithFool posted 6/18/2013 08:38 AM

.there are a lot of posts about shoes.....

The menz here may be few but they are of top quality.

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