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Kindle or Kindle 3G?

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okaynow posted 6/19/2013 18:39 PM

I think I may finally break down and enter the modern age of electronic books. On Amazon I read about the Kindle Paperwhite and then saw the Kindle Paperwhite 3G. Have you used either of these devices? Pros? Cons? Suggestions?


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Lionne posted 6/19/2013 18:47 PM

I have the 3g. It's nice to be able to access the internet anywhere. Now, it won't give you youtube and it's slow and tedious, but I can read and delete my gmail account from anywhere, and even read SI. I can access wikipedia and other sites that are primarily text. It's useful to me for that reason.

And the display is great, I can read in any light.

I've had mine for 4 years and virtually NEVER read a paper book anymore. PS I'm a librarian, I DO borrow ebooks from my local library

okaynow posted 6/19/2013 18:52 PM

Thanks SK. When I read the fine print about the internet connectivity, there was something about no additional charges IF the device is used only for the purposes intended, i.e. book downloads. Have you ever been billed anything additional for using the Kindle for emails?

Eranda posted 6/19/2013 19:59 PM

I have a Paperwhite. I didn't get the 3G and I don't miss it at all.

I usually browse Amazon online and then it automatically uploads to my Kindle. Or I can use wireless anywhere.

You really don't need to be connected when you're reading- you just need it when you're downloading books or browsing with the Kindle itself.

If you want something that's strictly an e-reader, go for the Paperwhite. I love mine.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 6/19/2013 20:41 PM

My mom doesn't have internet access. She has a Kindle 3G and can get to Amazon without additional charges but cannot access the net in general.

Take2 posted 6/19/2013 20:49 PM

I have a Kindle paperwhite - love it. My daughter has the 3G.

On a recent trip to the Caribbean she was able to access her email - (Wifi was limited and pricey there) So... nice feature! She has never been billed, but did say that the feature was not expected to stay free forever...

Lionne posted 6/20/2013 20:24 PM

No charges for internet. And I doubt if they will charge now since it is a VERY rudimentary access and nothing to sneeze at.

@Lucky. It's not a feature that is easy to find, it's in the MENU under "Experimental"

That's kinda funny since it's been that way for 4 years...

Another nice feature is that you can email documents to yourself for free. They have to be uploaded through your USB connection but it's nice to have some things on your Kindle for quick access. I use that feature for inspirational readings or great SI posts I save for future need!

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